Quest Import Taking Parts

Am I able to import a quest and only make parts active?

Am I able to import a quest and only use some activities?

Am I able to import a quest and remove some items while adding my own? 

Hi Sarah!

We love seeing how you wish to use our Quests feature and personalize imported quests!

First things first. When you import a quest, it creates an entirely independent version of this quest on your Classcraft account. Therefore you can do what you please with this version of the imported quest.

1- You can make only parts of a quest visible by not connecting any path to the portions you wish to keep hidden. Your students can only see objectives they have completed or are currently on, so anything after the last objective they have unlocked is a mystery to them. Simply remove the path from the objective you want your students to stop to the next objective and your students will not gain access to the rest of the objectives until your recreate the path. Learn more about paths here: 

2 and 3 - Once imported, you can decide to delete activities you do not wish to keep, or even add your own!
Imported quests are no different than your self-made ones, you have full control over them :)

Learn more about quests in general here:


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