Drawing or Quiz Tasks

I am new to Classcraft but I absolutely love it! My students are having fun battling bosses and earning XP. I do feel however that the options for tasks are somewhat limited. It would be nice to have tasks that can help integrate with the story-telling like a boss that the students must battle on their own in order to continue. 

My suggestion/request would be for two things to really take this program to the next level. First, my students primarily use iPads at school and do a lot of work with their apple pencils instead of a keyboard. It would be great if there was a task that let them draw on something and then be able to submit it. For example, I could upload a picture or a mind-map or flow chart, and then students could draw on it and submit it for a task. As a science teacher, we use models frequently, and having them draw a model of something right in the app/program would be really useful. I can imagine this would have uses in other subject areas as well. 

My second suggestion would have more quiz-like interactions or mini-games available during the quests. If I could load a bank of multiple-choice questions and then choose a certain game/task for students to complete, then they have a chance to review the materials on their own. It would also be fantastic if they could complete these mini-games with their teams. Some ideas for minigames might be rescuing an NPC, racing a monster/animal, or any other adventure-like task that they would need to complete multiple-choice questions in order to accomplish. 

I am loving this app so far and I think it has so much potential! I'm just hoping to see more development and more tools I can use in the future!

I probably shouldn't reply here but I will.

I'm glad to hear you're loving Classcraft. I loved using it for years, but I watched as gradually, Classcraft took away options from students and teachers. With covid making it almost impossible to use and use effectively, I stopped using Classcraft and I watch from afar as I hear more and more about how rather than adding features to the program, they subtract them.

I am only posting this here to say, "Classcraft, I have not given up on you but I'm waiting for you to wake up and bring back features that were long hinted at and requested but have never been delivered." I can only begin to imagine the rigmarole of managing such a generic and useful piece of software, but I do feel that somewhere, the fun was lost. I hope it may be found again.

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