We Need HP/AP Bars Back (Hearts/Crystals)

When looking at the entire class, it's very difficult now to see which class members are low health and who isn't using their crystals.  The bars from the previous build were much more visual in terms of seeing the relative scale of their HP/AP compared to that characters max limit for HP/AP (high vs. low).  Having just a number really makes it more difficult for the students (and teachers) to know who is in need of assistance (low Hearts) and who is able to assist them (high Crystals).

Having the Hearts / Crystals is a great visual, but they should not be displayed only as numbers when viewing the whole class or team.  If anything, it should be like it is on the Character Profile screen where each heart is displayed, though some hearts are not filled in.  (Same for Crystals)

Thank you for this feedback! This could be a good avenue for a future improvements to our user interface. I'll pass this feedback to our team!

I agree with this, it is also very useful for Random Events where we might want to check the player who has lost the most Health, or the player closest to leveling up. Things you can't set in Random Events, but use to be able to see in the old system.

I agree.

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