New System suggestions

After playing around with the new system for a month or so now, I have a few suggestions to increase the chances of creating a successful experience for both Gamemaster and Player.

Thanks for your consideration! 


Those are some awesome suggestions, Heather!

I've sent this thread to our User Experience specialist, we will definitely take them into consideration!

Thank you so much and we wish you a wonderful Back to school!

Having used the new version for a couple of weeks I thought I'd share some feedback from myself and my students.
- Firstly, the fact that damage incurred goes straight to the damage queue is proving quite difficult for me and my students to keep track of. Also, I cannot see the whole delayed damage queue unless I 'deal with' the delayed damage at the top of the list. 
- On the old whole class view, it was much better seeing AP and HP bars to quickly see who could use powers and who was close to falling in battle. It is much harder to interpret now. The students miss the numbers. They also miss having the total amount of XP they have earned during the game.
- It doesn't seem possible to order and list the students according to types of character or according to who has most/least HP/XP etc. This was a great feature.
- Many of my behaviours and random events still use HP and AP amounts. This means I then have to convert them to hearts and crystals, not a huge deal but makes it less fluid than it used to be.
- Students miss the choices offered by the power tree.
I appreciate changes and updates need to be made from time to time and that the newer version will take some time to get used to, but the older version was so much easier to use :(

Another batch of great feedback, thanks James!

I agree that I do miss the old power tree and the choices it gave students, but the most recent change of the layout of customizing powers is amazing if the old power tree is not returning.   This layout makes it so much easier for me to see that I am giving all of the different types of characters equitable powers at the same level.  Thank you for this change!

We love hearing your thoughts on the changes we make. Thank you, Carrie, and stay tuned for more awesome updates!

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