New System: Hero Stats

Do we have the ability to edit the hero's base stats (HP/crystals) like we did in the classic version?  I'm not seeing it in the game rules tab.

Hi Aaron,

We removed this feature to simplify the experience – only a minority of users were using this feature and it added a lot of complexity.

Most of the teachers who used it, were using it to place all character classes at the same max Health and Crystal amount. Now with the chapters, one option is to stay at chapter 2 where all the characters are equal.

We hope you enjoy the New Classcraft Experience!


Well, tack this one into my request list.  I have enough experience with games and game design to modify these values to try to keep things balanced while making each character class truly specialized.  Losing this ability because the majority of users aren't savvy enough to make use of it is not a fun thing for me.

Is it possible to switch back to the previous Classcraft? 
I'd like to change the stats too... 


Yes, I'm also putting my vote to either be able to change the base stats or rather switch to old classcraft version.

While I'm at it, here's another complexity that only a minority of us would use:

I would really like to be able to change the crystal & heart regen rates so that each class has their own unique rates.  The way it is now, all classes have identical regen rates.

Seems to me like it would be fitting for warriors to have a superior HP regen rate, while mages have the superior AP regen rate.  It seems like something that wouldn't be overly difficult to program in.

As Classcraft continues to grow, it would be nice to have a toggle switch.

Toggle On for those of us who love the complexity and balance that can come with good game design, the gamer crowd.  (on this note, I miss the skill tree, the current system provides individuals with zero choice for their power upgrade path)

Toggle Off for those who aren't gamers, and just need the basic functions.


I'm loving these advanced features suggestions. When we get to a point where we can dedicate resources to adding features for our advanced users, we will definitely have a look at those, thanks!

There was also the ability to increment how much experience is needed to level up per level in new classcraft experience, but it was removed. That would be an excellent advanced feature if it can be done.

Dang again!

I had already calibrated mine just the way I wanted.

Can't this be put back in?

I hate to say it, but if people are getting confused by such basics, they probably shouldn't be playing Classcraft.  We're teachers!  Basic math is a prerequisite!

Now I gotta go re-calibrate...

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