It’s LIVE! Time to discover the New Classcraft Experience!

We’re finally able to share the results of a year’s worth of extensive research and dedicated teamwork — and we couldn’t be more excited!

The New Classcraft Experience is now live, and waiting for you to explore it — you just need to migrate your account over first! To do this, simply click on the purple button that says, “I’m ready to switch!” on the right-hand side of your dashboard.

See image below:

If you still have some questions about what to expect before you make the change, have a look at this helpful article.

We’re also offering two free Classcraft 101 PD sessions every week in August and September.

These sessions are designed to ensure you have all the information you need to get started with confidence, no matter your level of technical comfort or familiarity with Classcraft.

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Hope you’re as excited as we are!
The Classcraft team

So much of it feels like changes were made for the sake of making changes. The fundamentals of what made the platform so engaging have been diminished, and I can't find anything that is better. Also, the new version was released before everything worked, and that has made this new version even more difficult to use. As I suggested earlier, video game makers actively seek feedback from users before they release games via beta testing. If Classcraft would have done this prior to this release, we wouldn't be dealing with any issues. I can appreciate the effort put into rethinking things, but it would have been more productive if those efforts were directed with input from veteran users.

Hello everyone!

I've used Classcraft for the last two years at my school and I was very happy with the features.

UNFORTNATELY the new experience offers much less features (boss fights, marks calculator ect)

Is there any chance I can go back to the old version! I'm sure there is!

Kind regards


Simon Hirschmann Those features are still there. Maybe you just need to go through the Class Progression (the tutorial like thing at the bottom of the screen) to get to them? They're both in Chapter 4.

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