Classcraft needs to be one device, start to finish

Hello all,

I stumbled upon Classcraft a couple of weeks ago and was so excited to try it out! However, I've hit a snag that might be a little unique and is preventing me from using Classcraft with my students. 

I'm a teacher in Thailand, and currently we are doing online lessons because of the pandemic. Some students here have a phone and possibly a tablet, but they don't have a desktop or laptop. 

After digging into the details on Classcraft website, it looks like a desktop or laptop is required for students to sign up in the beginning and possibly also required to create their characters. 

This leaves me at an impasse. I can't use Classcraft if 10% of my students don't have a laptop and thus can't sign up. It would be great if, in a future update, students could do absolutely everything from every platform. The younger generation doesn't always have a laptop or desktop at home, and even while at school there may be some schools that don't have wide access to technology even in this day and age.

Hi Josh!
You'll be glad to know that it is currently possible for students to create their account directly via a mobile device (phone or tablet) and it will remain possible in the New Classcraft Experience when we release it!

Currently, teachers have to create their accounts via a computer as a few steps of the setup and access to the settings page is limited to the Browser version of Classcraft on a computer.

So I believe you should be able to give Classcraft a try with your students, we wish you lots of fun!

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