Teach me! Please!

Would anyone be willing to teach me a little bit about Classcraft? I have my students setup and on teams. I used a free quest, but they finished it in about 20 minutes. Is there a quest that will last months that I don't have to manage much. I am wanting something that is more enrichment/reward type activities for students to play. Early finisher or bonus type activities. I'll be using it more for classroom behavior management. This is my first time trying it! Thanks!!

Hi Amanda,

I understand you are looking at longer quests for your students. What I would suggest is to import a few from our marketplace on https://marketplace.classcraft.com/en to discover which ones would be interesting to you. Do not forget you can use the filters in the search bar in order for you to pinpoint what your students could work on.

For example, you could import a quest like this one (https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/2yiyrj73g5jAkeatZ?src=marketplace) from the marketplace and add a few objectives to it or alter the tasks if you believe your students would go too fast through it.

But you can also have them go through several smaller quests so that they can explore different activity types.

I would also highly suggest having a look at our featured Quests of the Month as we choose them for their broad appeal and super interesting topics or story: https://marketplace.classcraft.com/en/featured/month

Another option would be to create your own, have a look at our webinar that introduces you to quest creation and how to effectively use Quests in your classes here: https://youtu.be/1xuWSK-yZXw


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