In Class Gold Spending

Because of the current climate, our school has suspended the passing of school currency between individuals. Lucky for me, Classcraft can pick up the slack. I can easily increase the amount of gold students earn and let them spend it on real in class items. This brings me to my point. it would be nice to create a list of items (similar to behavior items) I could assign a GP value to. This would make it so much more convenient that inputting every transaction manually. How feasible would this be?

Thank you

Scotti Mullen

3rd & 4th Grade

Culdesac Elementary

Yes! This! I wish we had the option to revert to the old interface because I do so much with GP.

Agreed that this would be a great tool! I set up a quest to use as a "Lobby" area where the kids have different quest markers that aren't necessarily academic, and one of those is "The Bazaar"--my version of a Classcraft GP Market. I created a table to list in-class rewards next to their GP value, but it'd be great if kids could choose their own purchases on their own time.

I agree.  

I'd love for there to be an option like a "Merchant Caravan" where you can list things that can be purchased with -GP values for the cost, and then choose whether to make it visible or hide it so that you can make the market available as often as you're ready.  That way we could list real world rewards and do a weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly market for them. 

Additionally, being able to do a printout for each class of items purchased during the last open market would also be super helpful so we can then track what they purchased and handout rewards. 

Having the caravan show up on the main map somewhere when it's open would just be an added fun game element as a bonus.  

That sounds awesome! I'd like to see that for my 7th graders. 

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