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I don't seem to see where I can adjust the length of my classes (for example September - June) to adjust the rationing of XP. Maybe things have changed since the making of the overview videos and tutorials.

Anyway, my concern is I do not want to award too much XP or too little XP. I want to award just the right amount so that a little bit before the end of the school year, which would be June 2021 for my school, a student that regularly and consistently meets all my expectations has topped or maxed out on levels or XP.  

For example is there a chart that shows

Level 1: 0-1000 xp

Level 2: 1001 - 2000 xp

Level 3: 2001 - 3000 xp

Thank you, I'm really excited to start using Classcraft this year. 

Classcraft is the same between levels. You can change the amount needed to go up a level but the default is, as you said, 1,000 per level.

The tricky part is knowing how much you will cover throughout the year to make that happen.  Assignments? Tests?  Using Quests?  Daily interactions (PBIS Stuff)?  Random Events?  Boss Battles?  All of these things, and more, can add XP.  

Nicholas,  I thought you plugged in how long you would have the students in class and then there was some algorithm in the the background that determined the XP for leveling.  No?

That's true. Classcraft does have a tool to help you predict where you want the kids to be.


Remember -- 18 is the "max" level that offers new powers. You can go as high as you want but it's up to you.


For me, I give the kids 100 XP a day that are present, so they should automatically make a level every two weeks. We're on block schedule, so that's roughly 9 levels there. Then there are bonus XP from events, from boss battles and other activities. 


Figure out what you might find helpful, then remember you can adjust it as needed, too, on the fly.

Classcraft te permite tener el control de los XP. 

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