ESL students can not read -and therefore understand- , the written section of the story

Hello! I love this website! Unfortunately, as an ESL instructor, I can not take full advantage of all its benefits. My students can barely speak English (even less read large amounts of text in the language), so I strongly recommend that you consider including the option of closed caption or translation underneath the written parts of the story so anyone, independently of their native tongue, can enjoy, learn, and greatly benefit from this wonderful experience you have created.

Hi Sonia!

Thank you so much for the suggestion!

Understanding your needs as an educator is very important for us and we do track all of your feedback in order to improve the product. I will make sure to send this to our Product team to review!

With that being said, we've had educators translate the story section of the ESL quests for their students and others recorded themselves reading the story and uploaded the recording to the quest! These are just ideas and you are more than welcome to try it!

Have a great day!

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