Parent Access to Student Messages


First I have to say that I LOVE the new implementations that have been coming in for Distance Learning, so thank you for that. I wanted to know, though, if there was a way, or suggest that there be a way, for parents to see the correspondence sent between teacher and student. I gave all of my parents the account information for their child(ren) because we all feel more comfortable when there's an extra pair of eyes on that communication, but I was wondering if this was something feasible?

I could also suggest the students turning on POP/IMAP forwarding in their email accounts to their parent account, but that would require them to do it on their own and I know several will forget or not understand how.

Share your thoughts and let me know! Thanks!

- Gabriel

These are awesome ideas!

At the moment, this is not something we have in the works but I've definitely sent this idea to our decision makers!

Since students are currently at home, generally with their parents, what many teachers have been doing is to switch from direct conversation with the students to direct conversation with the parents. So that both students and parents can communicate at the same time with the teacher.

So all conversations go through the parents and it seems to work super well for the teachers who have implemented this method; it also integrates the parents even more into the education of their child!

I hope the switch to distance learning has been successful for you! 

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