Updated version of the World Map now available! (Version 2)

Sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself. 

A few months back, we released an update to the World Map that was designed to bring the map into alignment with the Classcraft universe. It was also an attempt to find a “sweet spot” between the painstaking approach that you’ve come to know us for and a more efficient one that would allow us to improve the map — and allow us to move on to enhancing other aspects of our IP.

So where did we end up? Well, we think that that version of the map was good, but there was no doubt it could be better. It also was too much of a departure from what our loyal users are used to seeing. Given where we are in the school year, it was a departure that wasn’t particularly well-timed.

Some of our users were generous enough to provide some constructive feedback that reinforced this conclusion. And us?

We listened.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been hard at work on a new new version of the World Map that’s closer to what you’d expect from Classcraft. It’s available to all users starting today.

We’re already hard at work on some more updates that we plan to release this summer. Rest assured, we’ll give you plenty of warning, and we’ll make sure to have all of the changes done by the fall. 

Thanks again for your feedback and for your support of Classcraft.

Great looking map! This is much better than the cartoon one previously used. I really appreciate the level of detail from the original map and the vibrant colors that I can see you pulled from the cartoon version. This is the best of both worlds. It looks like there are also more locations now? Which is pus and the towers stand out in this new map! 

This map is much better. It's good to know our voices were heard. Now ya'll can focus on allowing weapons to be a teacher choice.

Excellent work guys. I love the new map and my students were stoked at it.

This looks cool. 

nice map.It will have a great on my class

The only issues I have are around water.  I have 25+ quests up by the end of the year and there is not enough space to put them on land. So, about half my quests (my math ones) are nautical in nature.

It would be great if:

a) The oceans weren't all covered with clouds.

b) There was a sub-map that is just open water. (How hard could that be to make?)

I also didn't like the fact that the map changed without warning and all of my quests were suddenly in places that didn't make any sense - but I know that was (hopefully) just a one time thing...

Hi Jared!

Those are great suggestions! I will make sure to send them to the Product team!

Have a great day!

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