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 Hi everyone!
 I´m a newbie in Classcraft so I´m learning with my students... I have different quests and in the second one, 3 students have written assignments and I gave them feedback. However, they can't move forward! What can I do? I tried to delete the comment so that the student would post it again but I can´t ...

I need some help, please!

All the best,



Hey Liz. 

I'm no expert but have been using this for this school year.
There are two things that come to mind. 
Check your Quest objective link and one the Overview, check the Outcome.

If you'd done these already, then I'm not sure what the problem could.

Also, you can kick back a submitted assignment. On the Overview tab, when you click
feedback, it takes you to the student submission, on the left side, there's a light grey UNSUBMIT button. 

Hope this helps.



 Hi Cheryl,

thanks a lot for your help!
I started a course on gamification and I decided to use Classcraft for my final project.  I´m in Barcelona, Spain, by the way. I don't know where you are...

So yes, I´m new as well with this platform so we´re all learning! ;)
What I tried to do was to cancel a submission and tell a student to post it again and..boom! It worked! I´m so I did the same thing with the other 3 and problem solved.

Thanks a million!



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