More power to the parents!

With the current Covid-19 situation, students are spending more and more time with their parents instead of being in the classroom with their teachers.

Because of this shift in who they spend time with, we feel like it could be interesting for parents to give GP more often when their children participate in the daily life at home.

Therefore, we created a new setting that can be activated via your 'Game rules' section on your settings page so that parents can now give even more GP.

Parents play an essential role in remote learning. Particularly in keeping students motivated when it comes to completing course work and displaying positive behaviors.

To make it easier for parents to actively participate in their child’s experience with Classcraft, we’ve given teachers the power to increase the amount of GP (gold points) that parents can award to their children to 200 GP per day (up from 15).

The goal? To get parents even more involved, give them tools to support the learning experience at home and to increase the visibility that educators have into how students are behaving at home.

I cannot see that option in the game rules. Also a mother ask me why she cannot give GP to her daughter since she update tbe app. Any solution? Thanks in advance.

Hi Christina!

Please email us directly at or use our live chat so we can better assist you!

Have a great day!

I wish there was a way to set the amount of GP parents can give that is between 15 and 200.  I can see giving more than 15 per day, but 200 per day seems like too much.  

I agree with Amy

Please could you assist, this feature is not showing on my profile either

Hi Kobus, If you are a teacher, you can go change the amount of GP available for parents to give to their child directly in your settings page. See the picture above in this thread to see where it is located.

If you are a parent, the basic amount of GP parents can give is 15GP unless your child's teacher changed it via their settings.

Do not hesitate to contact with more information if this does not resolve the situation.


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