Feature Clarifications/Suggestions

Hello all. I've looked through several thread, but I have not seen these (or similar) questions. I'll appologize in advance if I'm simply blind and missed them.

Q1: Can game feeds be filtered by student?

     My game feed gets clogged very quickly when my class use their powers/earns rewards/takes damage all at once. I've had a couple of students say they did/did not use a power but I can always verify with the flood of things in the feed. Have I missed a setting somewhere or is this something that could be added?


Q2: Can boss battles be made for individuals as part of a quest?

      My students loved the boss battles when we tested it out (at least until they took their first critical damage). I'd originally envisioned using the boss battles as a check point of sorts with the self pacing features. Essentially using the boss battle as a quiz at a midpoint in the overall quest lessons with branching paths for win/loss leading to new progression or doubling back for reinforcement. Is there a way to drop a node for a boss battle into the quest maps? If not, could this be added?


Q3: Is there a way to "Mark as done" for assignments?

      My school uses a different learning platform than what CC has integrations for. One of the compromises I worked out with my supervisors is that work will still go through that platform, but we can use CC for the bonus/fun factor. I don't want to have my students upload assignments to two places, nor do I want to have to manually enter EXP/GP/HP for each student for each assignment as I think it would slow the self pacing idea I'm trying to go for. I feel like I'd get nothing else done if I had to do things that way. Similarly, there are some paper assignments that would not be able to go in on CC that would lose out on the bonuses. Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance for any tips, suggestions, or help anyone might be able to offer.

Hi Adam!

I created a ticket for you and will be answering by email!

Have a great day! :)

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