[Solved] Story Mode Breaking my Economy

I hadn't implemented the new story mode because I like to design my own quests. Face it, designing a quest is more fun than designing a lesson plan! I hadn't enabled students to do the story mode quests. Suddenly today students could see it at the top of the quest page and just started getting craploads of gold. I don't see a way to disable it or hide it. Am I missing something? I'm going to need to increase the price of my item cards and other gamified features to prevent the complete collapse of my class economy. Suggestions?

Was it the quest you designed that they were running?

I noticed something similar with my kids, I think they clicked on that 'introductory quest' that popped up on the background, and were raking in gold by clicking through it.

I don't have any quests that I've designed, so I know it wasn't anything that I created.

No, not one I designed. I'm stingy with gold. Must have been that introductory quest thing. I was annoyed that I couldn't go in and hide it or even edit it in Quests.

Can you share your item system?  It sounds like something I'd like to play with.

Here is a link to my current cards. I make them on mtgcardsmith.com. Teachers post other cards and ideas on Twitter #xplap and #gamemyclass. Note that I have some cost 300GP like Resurrection which should require some effort on students behalf to earn.


The new introductory quest we made available to all student accounts does give 500 bonus GP to students when they go through all the steps.

This quest helps your students understand the multiple features we made accessible to them (How to use powers; how they can regain HP/AP; how to use quests) but also introduces them to the new Kudos feature!

We understand that this influx of GP can influence your external store and we apologize if this forces you to change GP manually or alter your store prices.

It did cause me problems too. I saw my students going through the introductory quest in 2 minutes, without even reading it, and getting a LOT of gold. I really wish there was a way to hide it... I have not started making quests yet and honestly I never give that much gold... with their GP my students buy privileges but they need to save for them... The max GP I give is 20, and that's for getting 100% on a test... so it does not happen very often. So for them to get that much gold at the same time unbalances my reward and privilege system. ClassCraft is know for being well customizable... this should have been too. 

Now I'm going to spend some of my time to remove the GP the students got for nothing (literally nothing, they really didn't even look at what was on the screen, they clicked the green button and got GP)

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