Kudos is here!

Maybe you saw the news in your email, or maybe you just logged into Classcraft yesterday and noticed, “Hey, there’s something new around here.”

Either way, Kudos is here!


Kudos is a new feature within Classcraft that encourages students to recognize positive behaviors exhibited by their peers. Kudos helps educators harness the power of gratitude to improve student behavior and motivation for students.

What else you need to know

Obviously, kids are, well, kids, and it’s important for teachers to be able to stay on top of what’s being said before it becomes visible to the whole class. That’s why we designed Kudos so that teachers must approve each one that’s submitted before it goes live. To review your kudos: head to your class tools, choose the 'Shrine of the Ancients' and then go to your inbox. We kept everything together to make it easy for you to review the shout-outs your kids are giving each other.

The best part

From now through this summer, Kudos is available to ALL teachers using Classcraft, so each of you has the opportunity to dive in and experience the power of kudos for yourself.

You can find the rest of the details about Kudos over on the blog, but if you have questions or need some help, drop us a line at support@classcraft.com.

Happy Kudos!

Hi everyone! Kudos have been received super positively and that warms our heart!

Today I bring you some awesome news: it is now easier for you to know when you have new kudos to approve!

Every time a student sends a kudos, you will now see a notification icon in your 'To do' section in the upper right part of your screen!

That should make your life a bit easier and streamline the kudos approval process! 

You asked, we delivered!

Commentaire officiel


When presenting the kudos, it would be nice if it would move forward on a timer, instead of having to click to the next one every time.

I noticed that students are only capable giving kudos to their teammates if the interface setting 'allow logged in students to see only the statistics of players on their team, as opposed to those of the entire class' is selected.  It might be advantageous to permit kudos to always be available to the whole class without having to alter that setting.

So far, it's a pretty cool feature.  Let's work on making it even better.

Love the feature so far. A limit of one kudo per [time period] would be nice to prevent spamming. Only happened once and then I had to lecture about spamming and how to use Kudos (again). Also, the ability to click multiple kudos at a time to select what to do with them. For instance, if I have three to approve I could click all three and then hit "approve". Kids are loving kudos so far and the focus on positivity to counter all the negatives is awesome.

My kids are loving it so far!

I agree with the suggestions to make it multi-clickable for approving, and making the kudos available to see all students instead of just their own teams.

I also accidentally approved a kudo instead of requesting a revision. There is no way to remove kudos from the wall once approved!


I'd also like to write my own kudos from my teacher account instead of with my student account (i put myself in as a student in every class anyway)

Thank you for the feedback Aaron!

The interface setting 'allow logged in students to see only the statistics of players on their team, as opposed to those of the entire class' was not supposed to influence the kudos.

It is an oversight on our part, we did not anticipate this setting to be changing the ways the kudos work. Our engineers are currently working on changing this behavior so for the moment you can disable this option to allow your students to give kudos to any of their classmates :)

I agree with Scott on the idea of having an option to limit the number of kudos a student can send per day.  This seems like something that we could see in the game rules section of the settings.  Something like:

<checkbox> limit the number of kudos a student can send per day to [text field]

a teacher that didn't want to limit their students' kudos would just leave their checkbox unchecked, and a teacher that does would check the box and enter the number they want to limit them to in the text field box.

Also, the multiple select option would save us a whole lot of clicking.

Hi all!

Thank you for participating in the forums and for giving us these awesome suggestions! Understanding your Classcraft needs and uses like this is really important to us. Rest assured that we track all feedback we receive and we please know that couldn't improve the platform if it wasn't for all of you so again, thank you!

My students are not getting gold through kudos.  They're getting XP only

Is a premium purchase required in order to get gold through kudos?

I really like the idea of kudos, but I do fear that my students would exagerate. Therefore I agree with thos who say there should be the option of limiting to one kudo a day. 

I just saw that I can program the number of XP and GP they receive in the settings, that's great, thank you for that!

Also, would it be possible to translate the word "kudos" in French? I teach FSL and although everything is well translated into French (except the word "familier" for "pet"... and the story mode!!), I would really like if the word "kudos" was translated in French!

Thanks a lot!

You bring some interesting points about the amount of kudos given.

While instating a maximum to the amount of kudos students can give would solve a few headaches for cases where students go overboard, this situation could also be solved in class by asking your students to refrain from sending kudos and to keep them meaningful by limiting the amount they can send each day.

We sent your feedback to our decision makers and I'd like you to now that every time we release a new feature we do keep working on updates and improvement to these features so you might see such an option become available in the future.

Lyne Parent Merci pour les commentaires, nous essayons toujours de conserver la plateforme traduite à 100% en français mais certains termes peuvent nous glisser entre les doigts.

Pour ce qui est de KUDOS toutefois, la racine de ce mot est en fait grecque et le mot existe en français bien qu'il soit moins utilisé dans la langue de Molière:

Repost, as I never got an answer:

My students are not getting gold through kudos.  They're getting XP only

Is a premium purchase required in order to get gold through kudos?

Hi Aaron,

Indeed, gold can only be awarded through Kudos on the Premium version.

On the free version, students can only gain gold in 2 ways:

1- They gain a set amount of GP each time they go up in level.

2- 15 gold per day can be awarded by parents if you connected their accounts to their children.

I still hope for a lot of the Kudos feature changes mentioned above, but perhaps an easy one to add to the list... Although the last thing I need is more notifications, is it possible to have Kudos that need approval appear in the "To-Dos"? I find myself forgetting to change the inbox.

And my student usage has tailed off... Although it's not super necessary, I think a little "Hey, you haven't sent a Kudo in a while" nudge from the system would help. Or having teachers be able to issue Kudos might be remind students of it's presence in the game and allow us Gamemasters to lead by example..

Hi Sam, 

Really glad you mention this! Having the kudos in the 'To-do' section is actually something we are working on right now!

We wanted to get the Kudos in your hands as quickly as possible as we believe it is an incredibly powerful tool to motivate and empower students, but we weren't able to fit in all of the features we had intended for it in our initial release.

Since then we have added the possibility to delete Kudos that should not have been approved.

Within the next few weeks, our goal is to add Kudos to your To-do list in order to make it easier for teachers to manage and approve Kudos!

To remind students to give kudos, what you could do is a take a few moments in class to use the 'Present' function from your Kudos Class wall. This might prompt your students to send a few kudos in order for their Kudos to be presented in front of the class!

Learn more about presenting kudos here: https://help.classcraft.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041128974-Class-Tools-Kudos#publish

On the subject of kudos presentation, I recommend a setting which will permit us to present kudos on auto-play, so that the on-screen kudos changes every few seconds.  Having to stand at the board (or computer) and manually go through the kudos is not something I would ever do.  However, being able to let them auto-play as the students enter the room would be not only be a powerful reminder, but also a nice way to start the class.

Ya deseo alcanzar el nivel que ustedes tienen con la plataforma. Estoy muy entusiasmado por ver  mis alumnos superar retos con esta plataforma. 




With distant learning being the new normal a lot of my students are accessing their classcraft via the mobile app. Can they give kudos via the mobile app or only online? Thanks.


Hi Lindsey!

Students cannot give Kudos through the mobile app BUT they can access the browser version of Classcraft on their mobile devices and give Kudos that way!

Have a great day!

Someone mentioned in an earlier comment how accidentally approved Kudos can't be removed. I am in effect unable to post any more Kudos to the class wall as an offensive comment has been made that is unacceptable and shameful. Please allow teachers to edit approved kudos as well. The students like the feature but educators have to be responsible. Will kudos get a delete option even after approval?

Hi Talya,

It is not currently possible for users to delete Kudos once they have been approved. If you require a Kudos to be deleted, please reach out to support@classcraft.com with the name of the class where this kudos is situated and a screen capture of this kudos so that we can delete it for you.

Thank you!

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