[Solved Kudos!

This just rolled out for my classes today, and we love it!  The kids are thrilled and are sending lots of great kudos to each other.  

Is there a way for a student to send kudos to someone who is not on their team?  The help article makes it seem like they can, but my students only get a list of their teammates when they choose Students.

Thank you!

Hi Stephanie,

We are excited to read that your students like the new Kudos feature! The Classcraft team has been using it internally for quite some time and we really enjoy it!

As for the inability for your students to give Kudos to classmates that are not on their team, this is caused by a setting that you selected in your interface options:

Our engineers are looking into changing the way this checkbox affects Kudos but for now, if this is checked then your students can only see their teammates on their student dashboard and can only give kudos to their teammates.


That fixed it, thank you so much!

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