[Solved] GP being awarded randomly for no reason

Good day,


I'm having a problem, certain learners are being awarded GP multiple times for no reason and it is not me doing it, it is not from a parent as parents are not signed up yet and it is not from a pet.


I took a screenshot of the analytics, showing this issue.

As you can see, Reece Govender, in my Grade 8 Mainstream class received 50 GP 7 times and 150 GP in the span of 2 minutes at 6 pm when I am not using classcraft. There is no reason and he does not have parents signed up. I found another student with the same issue, also receing 50 GP 5 times and 150 GP around a similar time with no reason.

Please can you investigate what is causing this issue.

Hi Dan!

I understand your confusion but this isn't a bug!

Your students gained GP because they completed a new quest we released called the Student Onboarding Quest. This quest is set in the Classcraft universe and happens before the Story Mode quests. It introduces both the universe and important concepts to help students understand and navigate Classcraft! It also introduces them to our new amazing Kudos feature and gives them a little bit of GP for completing the quest! Rest assured that this quest can only be completed once!

Let me know if you have more questions!

Thank you for responding, but is there anyway to disable this. They are earning far too much GP compared to the other stats in the game for my liking.

It cannot be disabled at this time because we want all students to have access to the information that is included in the quest but we do apologize if this forces you to change GP manually.

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