[Solved] Swap students in classes

In my school we have learners who often change classes due to scheduling errors, I know that you can add a learner to the new class making them multi-class and then remove from the previous class.


However this then makes both classes multi-class, removing any personal settings I have which is not allowed in multi-class like changing HP and AP values for warriors/mages/healers.

It is very annoying to constantly have to reset these settings from two different classes dues to multi-class just to swap a single student which has happened regularly.

Is there no way to simply swap a student from one class to another without putting them in both classes or skipping multi-class so my settings are wiped away.

If not, I think this is a feature that must be added right away.

Any response to this?

Hi Dan!

Sorry for the delay in responding, this question slipped through the cracks!

I have brought this up to our engineers and, as you may already know, as soon as a single student becomes multi-class, your character stats are reverted back to the default ones to preserve game balance. Because we don't keep track of customized stats, when the multi-class students are removed, we leave the stats as default.

To be completely honest with you, we don’t have any immediate changes for this planned in the near term, however, I did make a not of your request and will be adding it to our feature request platform.

We always appreciate honest feedback about the platform, thank you for sharing it with us and let us know if you need anything else! :)

Thank you for responding.

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