Variable XP Scaling

Another feature that would be helpful for customizing our classes/games would be a variable grading scale. As of now I can set how much XP it takes to level but I do not see any means of creating a variable scale. For instance I wanted to do a low point grading scale with 10 XP tasks rather than 100 XP tasks and I wanted to make the first few levels go by very quickly by making the first 3 levels only require 20 XP and progressively increasing the amount of XP it takes to level as the game goes on. This is a common design element in the RPGs which you are emulating here and it is at least part of why RPG elements have been so successful. They have appropriately leveraged classical conditioning and positive reinforcement. I would like to tap into that as well and the best way to do that is to front load the game with some attainable goals.

Hi Devin!

This is a frequent feature request from teachers who are also gamers and it does make a lot of sense.

We have been looking into this suggestion over the years but it does impact plenty of our features and we need to take many factors into consideration to implement something that may seem small from an outside perspective.

I've added your voice to our feature request about this great idea and who knows, we might be able to implement it in the future!

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