[Solved] Developer page down

I've never used classcrafts API and just recently started using classcraft. But, as a developer myself, I'd love to check out the API. The problem is that the whole subdomain developer.classcraft.com is just white, unable to load the pages app. Is this problem going to be solved soon, or is there some other plan perhaps? I would love to be informed of the situation, if anyone has any answers.

Thank you David!

I've transferred this into an email ticket so we can forward this to our Developer Team to investigate.

We will follow up with you via email as soon as we have more information

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Hi David!

Looks like the link is missing an 's', here is the correct link: https://developers.classcraft.com/

Thank you!

Ops. Wrote it wrong in the post. But the problem still stands. It's a blank page.

Are there any updates at all to this? I haven't heard anything from you through mail either in two weeks.

Hi David,

Our Customer service team has been unable to reproduce the situation you mention but we have transferred your case to our engineers and they are currently investigating. We will be in touch with you via email as soon as we receive more information :) 

Hi again.

Since I've had no answer at all for more than two months, I've taken upon myself to fix this issue. Which I have done. You can inform the developer team that they need to support more languages for the site. The issue was resolved when changing language in Chrome to English. This really shouldn't be needed though. 

I'm glad you were able to find a way to gain access. We forgot to mention your browser language had to be set to english in order to access our developers page!

You're telling me that you knew about this all along and didn't say anything? That isn't a step in your troubleshooting manual? That is troubling though. We'll see if I'll bother with this API. It is not okay waiting for such a issue to be resolved, only to reach a form and an answer with forms to be signed. All just for access to an API. I've never in my years (software development) seen such a restricted API.

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