[Solved] I may have inflated my XP to much too early!

This is my third year using Classcraft, and I seem to have overinflated the points I have offered in the quests I've assigned. Now I'm thinking of adding some corrections to the game in the form of: sentences that take XP, random events that take XP, and more challenging Boss Battles.

Does anyone else have some ideas for how I can slow the pace down?


I keep a check on which students are at what level and adjust how much they need to level up. I am constantly changing it. 

My students are master gamers and they have partnered up with others to share their powers. It's quite comical and fun. They will both use Amplify Magic to double their doubled XP. 

It's my first year and I am not sure how to best keep the game pace myself. So far this is working. I may need to revamp for next year and change some settings around. 

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