How do you use the Story Mode Quests?

I LOVE the new seasons and episodes of premade quests. It creates such an immersive story with such little work on my part. However, I have noticed that there are no tasks! I'm sure this is so any content can use them. 

I am an 8th grade ELA teacher, and I was curious as to how you are all using the premade quests? Would anyone like to share their ideas for the tasks? 

I am adding them to my current assignments. Meaning the story is already set, I am just adding assignments to it. Right now, we are reading The Crucible. Any assignments I want them to do I am adding it this quest. I am trying to use all 3 episodes but am a little concerned about when a new Season will appear. 


I am also writing my own quest and love that the pre-made quests are there. I'm struggling with where I want the story to go for the one I am making. 

I too am adding assignments to the prepared Classcraft story episodes. My students are in 5th grade and I using Classcraft in Media Center. For the Classcraft epsiode quest I am adding my own assignments for each objective. The epsiodes had the right amount of objects to be challenging but not overwhelming.

Here is the link to a quest I set up this way.

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