[Solved] Ending the Game - Winning the Game

Just curious... To all of those teachers that have played the game for an entire year, how did you end the game? Did you declare a team as winners? Did you declare a person as the winner? And did you award them something? A celebration? A prize? Right now, with only 3 weeks in, my kiddos are pretty into it. But I'm waiting for one of them to ask, what if I win? I mean I know that the powers award kids things as they go and the more powers, the more rewards, but should there be a "grand prize"?

Hi Dawn!

In theory, the game ends when your students gain all the powers available to their character class. They must reach Level 18 to gain all those powers, which makes Level 18 the "end of the game," so to speak.

We know how important it is to wrap up the school year on a positive note with your students. It’s a great time to celebrate accomplishments and reflect on the amazing moments you’ve shared in the classroom.

That’s why we’ve created special Classcraft certificates that you can share with your students. Each printable certificate features their unique avatar and contains room for you to write any special feats from the school year, such as “Most Helpful Healer” or “Top XP Earner.” Send your class home with a fun memento of your adventure!

We at Classcraft think that the real win is the knowledge and connections your students will have made throughout the year and how proud they will be with all the efforts they put into their characters! :)

Have a great year and stay an awesome teacher! 

Hey Jenny,

I notice that it has been less than a month since you posted this reply but I do not have the option to print certificates for my class anymore (last week I did). Has it been taken out recently? Or been moved? I can't find it anywhere. Screenshot attached.

Hi Nathan,

We may have changed something in the way to reach the student certificate recently. I have sent your situation to our engineering team to clear this up and we will get back to you via email with an update :)

I am having the same issue. I am trying to print certificates for my Semester course and I cant find anywhere to do so now.

Our engineers are working on this unfortunate situation at this very moment. We should have access to the Student certificates very soon!

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