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I wanted to leave some feedback for the Classcraft developers regarding another one of the recent changes. As a teacher, I find that the change to the Notification Center is not very user friendly. I know that it has been advertised as a way to never miss out on an important notification, but I find that the new changes make it more likely that I will miss out on something. It was so much more convenient to have the Gamefeed, Delayed Damage, and Sentences as separate icons on the top of the screen. I could easily tell just by glancing at the screen if any student was in the delayed damage, or had an outstanding sentence that they needed to complete. Now, when I click on the one bell icon, everything is grouped together. I have to go searching to see if a student has delayed damage, or if they have a sentence. I have not looked at a student view yet to see if they still see it the old way. 

I have been a huge fan of Classcraft and have used the premium version with my 7th grade language arts students for 4 years now. However I have not been a big fan of most of the recent changes that Classcraft has implemented since the summer.  

Hello Everyone!

I have some good news for you this morning!!

The Game Feed is back! Thanks to everyone's feedback here we realized how important it was to have the Game Feed icon right on your Teacher Dashboard, so we brought it back in a 'view only' mode. We also moved it in Analytics so it is the first thing you see when you go there :) Enjoy!!

Thank you for all your feedback!!!

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I was also looking at the changes and realized that I can't see if I gave students any type of XP, GP, etc. Sometimes I get really busy and forget if I credited them with points or not, and I could go in the notification feed and double check. But now I can't seem to find any of that. 

If it's still there and I just haven't found it, I would appreciate some help with this. But if it's not there - PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

I, also, have been a premium member for at least 4 years now and I love using this. But not having a record of MY actions makes using this MUCH more difficult.

Thanks for your attention to this.

Hi Sophie, 

We hope you're enjoying the new Activity Center, check out this article for more details:

If in need the Game Feed is still available in the Analytics tab:

Erin Thank you very much for your feedback, I have passed it on to our development team!

Sonja, I can see the XP I've given if I click on the Analytics icon on the side, and then click Gamefeed at the top. It is not nearly as convenient as the old way before the update that had the Gamefeed at the top of my class screen, along with the Delayed Damage and Sentences. That's why I feel that the update has just made more work for teachers. I have to click through multiple things now to see what used to be available after one click from the main screen. 

OK - having to go to a completely separate place to see this is beyond inconvenient. It should be integrated into the activity feed - perhaps with it's own filter option.

Thank you, Classcraft team, for reading our feedback!  I really love this platform and have been using it for years.  It's changed how I run my classroom for the better, and I can't imagine teaching without it!  Here's some of my feedback, a bit more detailed than the last time I commented.

I'm glad to see the Game Feed is somewhere, but it's quite inconvenient.  I, too, often forget if I've given them their daily XP, and being able to go to the game feed and seeing the list of kids who earned it was very handy.  Maybe lump them all together?  "35 students earned 100 XP from Being positive and participating in class."  

I like the filter option to see comments, quest progress and powers, and I really like that approving parent accounts is now somewhere other than in the settings/parents page (I would always forget to check that page!), but the rest of it is quite cumbersome.  Maybe add a filter for seeing XP earned and HP earned/lost?

Several of my daily events deal with powers earning them double XP, or powers taking the same HP as AP, and keeping track of that used to be very easy with the game feed.  I'd scroll down, look for the power icon, and write the amounts down on a sticky note.  Now I have to have all the powers/XP earnings/AP cost written down ahead of time. Maybe just adding the amount after each action?  Joe Smith used Heal 1 (75 XP/15 AP) on Jimmy Smith (10 HP)?  Or how it used to be where "Jimmy Smith gained 10 HP" was its own entry.

It's also rather cumbersome now that the Mana Transfer power lists every single person who earned mana from that power.  That's the default, that it goes to everyone on the team (unless they're absent), so it feels unnecessary, and I have to look at the time stamp to see if they used Mana Transfer twice, or if the multiple notifications are from the single power use.

The To Do section is neat, but I don't like that it's split by teams.  When the whole class has delayed damage, it just takes longer to apply that damage (after I give them time to protect each other, of course!).  I liked when it was set up by delayed damage event, whether it was for the whole class, one team, or a single student. 

I also liked when Sentences was its own spot at the top.  It doesn't bother me having a few icons up there.  Game Feed, Sentences, Delayed Damage...those were all great, and I knew where to go.

I'm also noticing a lot of lag in To Do, where sometimes I apply the damage and the To Do comment doesn't go away until I've closed and re-opened that menu.

I'm really enjoying the quests and the stories you've written.  That was the big hangup for me in using quests last year - I just didn't have time to write out stories!  So thank you for that.  I'm using quests more now and my students are enjoying them.

They love the pets and they are enjoying armor, but I'm with a lot of other commentators in that I miss the warrior weapons.  I know my warriors would be more invested in earning gold and leveling up if they had those cool swords back.  I understand wanting to be inclusive and respond to feedback, but only those people who had a problem with it reached out.  Those of us who loved the weapons had no reason to reach out and say how great they were until they were gone!  I miss them a lot.

Thank you!


Thank you so much for bringing back the game feed icon!

Yes! I second that! So glad to have that back!


I also echo the return to cool warrior weapons! Thank you so much for listening to our feedback!

Thank you for bringing back the gamefeed! Can you please also bring back the delayed damage icon? I constantly have a green dot showing up on both my To Do icon and the Notification icon. Both of them are telling me about student quest progress, but there is not a way for me to clear the notifications in the To Do icon. When delayed damage does show up there, it has been very buggy/glitchy. It was so much more convenient and teacher friendly before the To Do and Notification icons were added.    

I love Classcraft, but I really dislike the way delayed damage is now displayed. Prior to the update, it was grouped by event. Now, it is separated out into teams. I have 6 teams in a class, so I now have to apply damage 6 times if it was a whole class event (usually from a random event) versus just once. I also accidentally applied damage before a team could deal with it because I thought it was all the same event. 

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