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The classcraft Game Feed suddenly disappeared with the newest update that shows Notifications. And no similar feature which informs of previous events, actions, anything seems available in it's place

Hi Dan!

We hope you're enjoying the new Notification Center, and not to worry the Game Feed is still available via the Analytics tab:

However, the thoroughness of the Notification Center may surprise you, check out this article for more details: https://help.classcraft.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035543433

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I've noted the new Game Feed under statistics does not display properly. When it displays long sentences like for a random event, the words are cut off as it does not wrap around the text and I can not see the full text for the random event, something I need as I used the Game Feed frequently to remind myself the details of the Random Event.

Thank you Dan for bringing this to our attention I will create a ticket out of this post and forward this to our developers to review. 

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I gave some XP to a student by mistake. In the past, I could go to Game Feed to remove something but I can't do so anymore now. Game Feed only shows what has happened.

How can I correct my mistake? Please advise. Thank you.

Hi Raymond, 

You can undo the removal of HP however you cannot undo the giving of XP other than manually removing the XP that you gave by using the grey and white +/- icon. 

We did bring back a 'view only' version of the Gamefeed by popular demand:

If you are ever looking to undo a removal of HP, you can do this here:

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