Any quests for teacher training?

Has anyone made any quests to teach a 'class' of teachers on how to use classcraft during a PD?

I am delivering a PD at the end of October and thought it might be fun to actually have them learn in-game...

Hi Jared. I know I’m probably too late to help with your PD but I thought I would answer in case someone else was also wondering about this.  I made a Classcraft quest for teacher inservice that I had teachers participate in last year and I will be doing again this year.  If anyone is interested I will post it for everyone to use. 

Привет Мелисса.  Знаю, что, вероятно, слишком поздно, мне будет интересно  поучиться составлять квест Classcraft для учителей для обучения. Спасибо 


As a technology integration specialist in a district that is just beginning its Classcraft journey, I would love to see what you created and potentially be able to use that with my teachers.

Thank you for offering it. I did a search through the marketplace, but wasn't able to find anything that quite fit what I was looking for.

I have submitted my quest for helping teachers create classcraft quests to the Marketplace.  It is called "Welcome to Classcraft".  It should be up as soon as it receives approval by the Mods.  I hope this helps.  If you would like something a little more tailored please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to help!

I love the idea of using Story Mode next year, but I teach three different preps.  Is there are way to use Story Mode, but have three different versions?  I.E. one version for my beginning Spanish kids with their curriculum, another version for my Spanish I curriculum, and a third version for my Spanish II curriculum?  Hopefully t his makes sense.

Hi Rebecca!

You can create independent quests by duplicating our story mode quests for each of your classes.

Learn everything about duplicating quests here:

When you duplicate a quest, you basically create an entirely separate entity that you will be able to customize independently :)

Do not hesitate to contact if you need more assistance with these manipulations!

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