[Solved] Getting teacher connect ID

Have an account.  signed in but still can not access my TEACHER CONNECT CODE in my profile page.


It tells me ------  No content yet. Engage in the conversation to activate your profile.


SO how do I do this?


Have no kids in my one class yet.  thanks for the help

Hi John,

We have resolved this situation via email but I will still leave the steps to take in case someone is in the same situation.


You need to add at least one student to a class before you can have access to your complete menu options. At the moment, the state of your account is still in its onboarding state. You can create a fake student in one of your class and then remove it at a later date to circumvent this situation.

You can then connect with other teachers by going to your profile and copying your 'teacher connect ID'. You can then share this code with the teachers you wish to join and they can enter the code in the 'Teacher Connect' section of their profile.

Here is a screen capture to guide you: ​​
​Once the connection is established, you simply need to:

1- Create a new class and import shared students from the Student database
2- Head to your settings page to add shared students to your existing class using the Student database

To learn more about the Teacher Connect feature, you can also head to our knowledge center:

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