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I'm new to Classcraft this year and am super excited about implementing it! I teach 3rd Grade Dual Language I am looking for ideas of what y'all use for sentencing, XP, GP, -HP, and Random Events! Share some of your favorites! :) Thank you in advance!

I have random events where each class (warrior,mage, healer earns XP)

One day it will say- mages have been accepted to hogwarts ang earn a certain amount of xp

you have come back a hero- warriors earn certain amount of XP

you saved the lives of many- healer earns xp

I also like to add those events where students loose hp.  I use loosing HP that much in class since our school has a format we use with infractions.  my students loose Hp from weekly boss battles or random events.

I also like the random events where students play a round of heads up 7 up.  This year I'm going to try to add more brainbreak random events.  I usually play my random event when we need a break between transitions.

I'm not sure where it is, but I think you want the customization thread, many of these are shared there.

I'm looking forward to getting started! Does anyone use this for classroom management earning points etc?

Hi, and welcome to Classcraft!

You will have a lot of fun setting this up, but it is something that should be done WITH students.

Although it would be ideal to have everything set up and ready to go for the students it is also very important to incorportate student input.  What my teaching partner and I did last year (with GR 7) is we started with the basic Classcraft suggestions and had students suggest their own rewards, points and random events.  Through the year we added or removed items as we saw fit (like when Baby Shark got popular they added a sentence that you had to sing it in front of the class if you missed homework three times in a row).

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