The Warrior's Sword & Shield

What happened to the Warrior's sword and shield?  Unlocking the new cool looking weapons was always one of the highlights for my warrior students.  Now it seems all the warriors have various types of glowing punch-fists, and their shields have a translucent look to them.

Personally, I don't like the graphics change at all.  Please change it back.

Additionally, if this is some sort of move away from weapons due to sensitivities that can come in school cultures, lets keep in mind that this is a fantasy setting.  Warriors are their group's protectors, and they need powerful weapons and shields (that aren't see-through) to fulfill that role.  Is someone thinking that having cool swords in Classcraft is encouraging students to bring swords to school to have sword fights, or thinking stabbing each other is cool?  I say no way.  Along those lines, how is a glowing power-fist any different.  Won't those encourage students to be power-punching each other?

If this is somehow supposed to be an improvement for Warriors, then it's a step in the wrong direction.  Warriors aren't magic-punching battle-mages;  they're warriors, and they're equipment should reflect that.

The graphics change on the logo was also a step downhill.  The old logo ways way better looking.

Hi Aaron,

We understand your position and the fantasy elements of Classcraft are important to us as well!

The Warriors' power stones should not be underestimated however, the energy shields they create offer formidable protection! (I heard they provided a +3 bonus to AC, sorry I'm a D&D fan)

I invite you to consult the blog article the company founders have created to explain the changes that you have noticed recently:

Onward and upward, to infinity and beyond!

Energy shields and power stones are alright I suppose.  Although from an oldschool D&D standpoint, energy shields should be extremely high level, level 15+ at least.  Wood, leather, and metal is what belongs in a lower level warrior's shield.

I'm still not sold on power stones, it looks too much like a mage or healer thing, and doesn't quite have that real warrior look.

Now, if the Classcraft team wants to consider re-doing some of the warrior weapon selections, let's really go for it.  The old options were 16 types of blades, a shortbow and a flail.  The new options are 18 types of power stones.  Let's pull on that ol' D&D inspiration and bring out some variety... I'd like to see:









and oh so many other possibilities

If you really want to go into an improved look, consider a purchase that warriors could buy with their gold that unlocks not only a new weapon, but a new stance.  Two-handed weapons, no shield, should cost as much as a sword & shield together, (this could even be a lvl 1 unlockable with gold).  This would open up a whole new lineup of weapon possibilities, and add a new dimension of personal customization for students.

I still like the old weapon set better, and the old logo.  I did read the article, even before I posted about the weapons change...  but still like the old graphics better.




I'm going to piggyback on this. I just archived my classes from this past spring semester. The warriors there still had their weapons.

However, I do not want to see the weapons go away. Aaron's comments concern me greatly. To me, this should be an option a teacher can decide on. I can see where some people in certain settings would not want weapons shown, but to me and my students, that is a lot of the coolness factor for Classcraft.

I can understand WHY Classcraft had to change their logo as well, too, but I am not a fan of the new logo either. I prefer the old one. 

I realize Classcraft is a small team and there is a lot going on behind the scenese none of us know about, but there seem to be a lot of things that have been pushed to the forefront that are unnecessary and a lot of things a lot of us have been begging for that just aren't there yet, but have been teased for years now.

Thank you both for your input.

The removal of warriors' weapons was not an easy decision to make for us but it was a decision that we feel was necessary from the feedback we received from educators and school administrators.

I have shared your testimonials with the team and you can be certain that our goal is to create a platform that can help as many educators and students while staying true to our values!

Jumping on this bandwagon as well.

It is disappointing that this feeling of censorship is insinuating itself into so many aspects of our society. I understand why the decision was made, but question why there wasn't consideration for optional inclusion. I teach at a high school level. My students usually enjoy classcraft; however, they were the ones pointing out to me the most recent changes. They questioned whether it was a matter of censorship (a nice conversational intro to discussing the nature of censorship and its operation in contemporary society) and were outraged at the idea that their game was being changed. Two have pulled out of playing on high horsed principle. 


I would like to continue using classcraft, however I need a mountain of paperwork signed by parents for permission to use it and without students pushing for it, I fear I may not have active numbers for future classes. 


Classcraft has been wonderful and I look forward to continuing to use it.



My 7th grade students are very disappointed with the changes with the warriors' weapons, as am I. This is a fantasy based game, and part of getting the kids excited to use it is that the graphics mirror what they would see in a real fantasy video game. Please bring back the original warrior gear, or allow teachers the ability to unlock it for specific classes. You could even offer it for the students to buy with their GP.


Chiming in just to add my voice to the chorus.  

This weapons change is disappointing, to say the least.  As others have said, it's a fantasy game, warriors have weapons.  I mean, you do realize you now have an unlockable suit called the "Blademaster" that doesn't use blades, right?  Almost all the warrior ability icons show swords or weapons of some sort. 

Fine, maybe some people are uncomfortable with any kind of weapon being shown. Ever.  But for the rest of us, why not leave it as a setup option?  Warrior weapons/No weapons.  

I had entire storylines built in my quests that revolve around a warrior finding and honing her unique weapon skills and how different each class is from each other.  Now, what?  I don't even understand what you're going for here. Gem powered super punches?   Battle mages?  Isn't that redundant?

For the first time since I built my first class in (according to my archive) 2014, I'm not excited to show my class the warriors when I introduce Classcraft on Monday. 

I, too, was very disappointed in the change to the Warriors, as were my students.  I would love to have an option to change it back to the traditional weapons.  I have been a huge proponent of Classcraft and have embraced every change until now.  I am very much not a fan of this!

i was really hoping that Class Craft would not cave into the liberal politics that we see in much of education today.  The removal of the weapons is very disappointing.  It is a GAME, and a fantasy role-playing game at that.  

Rather than punish the whole community, why not let the teachers and administrators make the decision about what is best for their classes and schools?  It cannot be that difficult to make this option available to those who wish to use it.

Yep. I agree with everybody else.  I started using this 6 years ago, no wait 7 years ago the first group I started with are in their 2nd year of college, when you only had one look for each class.  I think you should be giving the teachers the choice, based on their school's policy and atmosphere, on if they want the weapons or the power stones. 

To sound like society (and my business law class when we talk about new school rules), you are punishing EVERYBODY, because a few locations/schools/adminstrations are upset about fantasy weapons.  I have done 3 presentations in my school district on Classcraft and NEVER did one of my principals or superintendents complain about the weapons.

I agree with everyone about the change. My students, especially the boys, are quite disappointed. I teach FSL (wich is really not a favourite subject!) and ClassCraft was a big motivator, especially for my spec ed boys who would sometimes do extra work just to get gold pieces so they could buy cool outfits. Now without the weapons the outfits are not so cool anymore! Please give us the possibility to have the weapons back!!!

I am signing this petition as well. I was very disappointed, along with my returning students, about the missing weapons. I have always been in awe of the awesome art of Classcraft, and to have those beautiful weapons removed is a stab in my heart.

I realize why the team decided to play to the bleeding hearts; however, I also believe that we have gone WAY too far with this PC-ing of our culture. 

Since the weapon images are independent of the paper dolls, could we not allow the adults to decide if it was appropriate for their students that can use their intelligence to discern fantasy from reality, especially in secondary education, and provide an interface selection that turns them on or off?  

I agree!!!! "lets keep in mind that this is a fantasy setting.  Warriors are their group's protectors, and they need powerful weapons and shields (that aren't see-through) to fulfill that role."

What's great about Classcraft is how "appropriate" it is for secondary students who are fed up with the cheesiness of Class Dojo etc. They want gamification that looks like the games they actually play. I feel this was a terrible move, and I want the option to change the setting back! 

I was just petitioning admin last week to pay for premium and get more teachers on board, but now I don't know whether it's worth the investment. What else will be nerfed in pursuit of "edu-correctness"? I am sad.

Also, Nicolas, I read that post when it was first published, but it does not directly address this... I understand the desire to be more "inclusive", but if you lose your secondary audience in pursuit of more elementary schools, what have you gained? Would it be so bad / difficult to add this as an optional setting? This is like the "harmonization" patches that China puts on video games that my students make so much fun of... 

I second this.  I know my 7th graders would love to see the original weapons.  I've noticed they're not nearly as excited about the armor choices this year than they have been in past years.  It's just a shield and a glove, and they're not trying to earn gold to unlock cool new weapons.  The excitement is gone for the warrior class, which is tough because warriors can be a hard sell sometimes.

Stephanie, you are absolutely right! I couldn't figure out why students weren't doing my "boss fights" for extra credit this year... no one seems to care. It turns out that from a Bartle Type perspective, the Achievers in my class were always driving the pursuit of XP. They typically choose Warrior (because coolest gear) and drag their team on Boss Fights to level up, while the others come along. These same kids used to bug me every day for random events. I haven't been asked to do one yet this year. I'm hyping it up, but the kids don't care. The eighth graders (my returning students) just keep asking where their old gear went. I'm so disappointed, but I feel like the company doesn't care as long as they're making money... I just feel like this one aesthetic change broke the whole thing for my kids... I Haven't said anything to them and have been 100% positive in class, but they are not feeling it... They keep saying Classcraft has been Nerfed. Heck, they don't even "use" their weapons...  It's just an aesthetic change, but it's having such an impact!

Well done Classcraft for giving us an answer to this thread.'s-2019-2020-gear-refactor/?utm_campaign=2019-09-15-Teacher-Digest&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter

Refactoring away from fantasy gaming and toward ... Who knows.
I am not going to have this fight with my students. I have enough trouble with disengagement with the school system as it is.

Cancelling subscription.

Obviously the creator has been out of the classroom too long and forgot that he created this for engagement.  Take away the cool factor and you take away the engagement.  The product only works with buy in from the students.  If the class doesn't buy into it, you have wasted $100 and precious academic time trying to make something work.  Thanks for making my job tougher.  Are boss battles also going away next? 

The new video on the homepage shows a kid changing swords.  Just FYI.  I'd hate for something to not get censored.

The bottom line here is they are not doing this for kids, they are doing it for political correctness.

Kids will not buy into these changes. They know what is going on, and they know what gaming is supposed to be. Imagine taking the religion, weapons, and magic out of a game like Skyrim. It would have been a massive failure.

The right path to take would have been to allow your customers to choose what is right for their class, students, and school.

I do not see myself renewing.

Thanks, Luke, for posting that.

Classcraft, I am so disappointed in this. I will renew one more time, more for the sake of this year's kids, but otherwise, I can't see continuing with this if you keep going this route. You're ruining Classcraft. You're not offering us the features we want (student-assigned boss battles or boss battles within quests?), while taking away the ones we came here for.

I know you're pushing Story mode, but I don't need FLUFF. I need TOOLS and substance.

PLEASE rethink this. Make it a feature to turn on or off. I love the idea of new costumes and suchL "the new gear and other assets we’ll be adding" -- but if being subscribed to Classcraft for five years has taught me anything, it's this: there will be large promises of new tools LONG before they ever actually appear.

From the blog post... "So we had to ask ourselves: Are the swords themselves what makes Classcraft so much fun? Or is it what the swords represent — power, autonomy, and identity — that kids like?"

The answer is the FIRST question. 


What's ironic to me is you said this in the blog post... "What’s much more of a creative challenge, and much more interesting to the Storytelling team here at Classcraft, is finding a way to signify those things without falling back on things like weapons." Why is it ironic? Because for many of us diehards like myself, you have committed symbolic seppuku.

I support the idea of it being up to the teacher. I like the idea of secondary mode I think would be very beneficial, because middle school kids would buy into the program more.

Where to begin after that blog post say that I am extremely disappointed is an understatement. I get why you thought you needed to get rid of the swords in today's world of school shootings and mass shooting (though I don't agree with it). As a public school teacher in the United States, I would be lying if I told you that I never worried about students bringing guns to school to cause harm. However, I have NEVER thought that an avatar on Classcraft featuring a fantasy weapon would spur a student to violence. The very thought is ridiculous, but if you thought that you needed to do this in order to continue to grow your company then I would have been able to live with it.

However, the fact that you are changing EVERYTHING related to the warriors, to the point where you can't even call them warriors anymore is absurd! I really hope that you don't intend to make the change to calling them guardians until after the end of this school year because that would be a sure way to lose student engagement. I introduced my current group of students to Classcraft in early August by showing them the introduction video that you provided on your website. It told students that they had a choice of being a Warrior, Mage, or Healer. If that suddenly goes away, I am going to have some upset 7th graders. Not to mention an upset teacher who will have to change almost 100 random events, not to mention individual quest storylines that reference warriors. Are you planning to take Boss Battles away next because it is a "battle?"

I have been a premium subscriber for 4 years now. I use my own money to pay for Classcraft because I believe in its ability to motivate students and engage them more in their learning. I will renew this year because I have already started with this year's 7th graders, and because I am hopeful that some of these changes will not be implemented due to an outcry from your most loyal subscribers. To end on a positive note, I hope that the updates to gear that you hinted at means that there will be gear options past level 18. Because that is one of the few things in the latest blog post that I will look forward to.   

Another underlying issue that many people may be feeling but I have not seen voiced here is the over PC-ing of our culture and having the overly sensitive people alter our way of thinking versus being free with our thoughts and creativity, which many will feel is opposed to our liberties. The start of the school year introduced a long list of words that we teachers are not to use in the classrooms; "Woah, that's crazy!" is now a no no.

In all issues of a sensitive nature, such as this, there are people with polar view points, but it seems as if the liberal voice typically wins out and the other side of the argument just has to like it.  

I know a couple English teachers that have started D&D clubs in school, but at no point does anyone bring the fantasy weapons, spells, and cantrips in to this world as they understand the difference and that is our responsibility as educators and parents to outline those differences. 

Harry Potter is a work of fiction and a very entertaining and magical story.  But who truly believes that that work of fantastical fiction is real, or based on real spells? Religious leaders do, as they lead book burnings to rid us of that vile work of evil. And if they had their way, it would all be gone, including D&D that gave many of us friends, fun and entertaining story telling for years.  As a Zen Buddhist I find this impedance of my liberties far more offensive than a beautifully rendered sword in the hand of a fantasy character.

This seems like such a small issue, but the principal of it is much larger than is being given credit.  All of my students were wanting to bombard your feature request form, and one very talented networking student of mine was talking about hacking your site to bring the weapons back, my love for your creation prompted me to encourage them to do have their voice "heard" in a positive way. 

This was bigger than you thought, but it all boils down to choice, give us the option to make an intelligent decision whether this is right for us or not, rather than enslaving people to a limited set of ideals. 

This is similar to what everyone else has said, but I wish they had left the old skins and added these new ones. I’ve had mixed feedback from the students. Some like it and some don’t. I think the more options we can give the kids the better.

You are warned Classcarft. There is a developer somewhere, right now, looking at making another fantasy gamification platform (sci-fi would be cool too). Teachers will quickly jump platforms. That one will have features that this Platform doesn't such as different weapons to equip and highly customizable boss battles and avatars. Like many, I really didn't need Storymode. I make my own quests/stories to match my class needs. My students didn't start with weapons this year so they'll not know what's missing and are enjoying playing so far. I just want more options with a subscription, not fewer! When I first read this was happening I didn't believe it because I thought it was a joke. Unfortunately it is not. I hope the new features you're alluding to are worth it.

RESTORE WEAPONS, this new version is so not appropriate for middle school, it is too LAME.  If 'people' had issues with weapons, then make them less realistic (ie no short street-like blades or realistic guns) but do large, ornamental, "fantasmic" or futuristic weapons.  It's not like the warriors attack the other players, the weapons are ornamental.  All 3 roles need appropriate quasi-menacing looking defense tools, at least for middle school and above.

You really need to bring back the weapons.  Disney portrays weapons in its cartoons.  The characters of Harry Potter wield weapons.  Weapons are constantly portrayed in all kinds of media consumption.  Removing weapons from the game will only appease the sensitive minority.

Middle school children will not value their character as much if they feel like it’s been neutered of its supposed authority.

Hi good people of Classcraft, 

In agreement with all that's been said before ... Mys students and myself (middle schoolers) would like to deposit a formal complaint about about both the new logo and and the absence of weapons and proper shields for the warriors ... We all feel that it is now more of a "toddler" game... Please bring back some epicness !!

It is SUPPOSED to be a fantasy setting! When you remove the swords from 'swords and sorcery' you kill the appeal it has for older students. How do you think the cartoon representation of weapons is somehow going to motivate violence or lesson the impact of your platform? Why let less than 10% of an audience of your clients dictate the experience of the 90% who are you more committed users?

You really need to explain what you mean by this: :But it’s not just what we’re trying to achieve that’s important — how we do it matters just as much. Classcraft is a company steeped in values, and we see student motivation as our way to promote those values of engagement, collaboration, growth, and quality."

Remaining inclusive of the Warriors and their weapons does not in any way negatively impact what you are trying to do. If you truly believe that you see student motivation as your way to promote these values you have taken giant step in the wrong direction!

Have you not considered the fact that most historical warrior cultures where the ideas for these weapons originate hold the weapons themselves as symbolic of the very values you are seeking: Bravery, courage to protect others, honor, responsibility, skill, tenacity, all the core values we want the kids to have.

What is it you think that the Warrior's weapons were going to do? Promote violence? Alas, many who think such things are woefully behind the psychological research of the day. Cross-correlated results from a multitude of research in this field show conclusively that there is no connection between actual violent video games, which Classcraft is not and any increase in violence or aggression on the parts of students.

You should do an analysis of the longevity of your users based on these ideals as shown through their comments. You will surely find that the milquetoast complainers are vastly outnumbered by your more loyal users who wanted the full fantasy feel to engage their students. At the very least you should include and option to use the weapons or turn them off and relegate the adventurous and dashing warriors to the neutered "Guardian' roll.

Students today read hundreds of titles in the adventure and swords and sorcery genres. They identify quite heavily with their favorite characters, and the the adventures they read about. You are choosing to erase that ability to identify with these characters, and reducing engagement in my middle school classroom very effectively.

"Well, Billy, in the past you could have played a Warrior...but now due to rampant political correctness and to not offend people who are offended by pretty much everything you get to play a security guard...not an armed one or anything. Kind of like the retired old guy at the bank. Maybe you can give out hard candy to the healers and mages."

I have been very excited about Classcraft since I started it last year. I have colleagues who are thinking of trying it as well. Now, however, I might have to encourage them to wait and see what happens next. 

As another poster warned, Classcraft, there are people out there even now who will seek to follow on your coat tails and create engaging platforms based on your success. However, if they are not so timid and willing to stand up for the worlds they create and not eviscerate their own efforts to avoid offending a hand full of squeaky wheels they will quickly overtake you and their success will exceed yours. I know I would switch my own loyalty and that of my kids to a company that had that kind of commitment to engagement and integrity over political correctness..

I urge you to reconsider destroying your own product piece at a time and re-instate it to its SWORDS and sorcery glory that I and other users (most of your community in truth) can feel like student motivation is still important to you. Right now it does not appear that is so anymore.

I 100% agree. Warriors should have weapons. I have used classcraft for 6 years in both high school and middle school. My students have always been excited and engaged with classcraft. But ever since the weapons change, they are less into it. I have not once had any student, parent, or admin complain about having weapons on the characters. If my students aren't going to buy into it, then there is no point in purchasing classcraft next year.

A good compromise is to allow a setting to either include weapons or not. That allows those who don't like weapons to opt out without completely ruining the game for the majority of us.

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