[Solved] Boss Battles not awarding XP/GP

Good day,

I have had two Boss Battles with my students and both times now after they have defeated the boss, the XP and GP I had set was not awarded to the students. I was forced to do give them the points myself manually.


This is a boss I have used before that award the points normally in previous uses, but for some reason two different boss battles have not been award the XP and GP that was set. Nothing is award and no mention of it is made in the Game Feed, the HP is taken away for incorrect answers and shown in the boss feed, but not effect for when the students beat the boss.

Hi Dan!

We apologize we somehow missed your initial post. In order to investigate this further could you please email our support team with the name of the class and the Boss Battle in question: support@classcraft.com 

I will be sure to fast-track this once we've received it.

Thank you!

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Very sad to see not a single reply of help from the admin since July....

Now it is awarding XP and GP to everyone, even those who were absent, weren't in the battle or died in the battle.

This happened today 07/11/2019 at 1:45 pm for my Grade 8 S class, in Boss Battle called Maths 8 Exponents

I have found that I have to go in and put a checkmark in the "Absent" box for students that are not there. This can even be done during the Boss Battle. I've had students get checked out during a Boss Battle and I can go in and mark them absent so they won't be called on again. I also have students that check in during a Boss Battle and I can remove the checkmark and they start to show up on the questions.

Technically students' characters don't "die" during a Boss Battle. They "Fall in Battle" (or I guess they will now just "Fall") when their HP reaches zero. Their character is still alive, they just get a sentence for having their character "Fall in Battle", but they are still in the battle. So if the class beats the Boss, then every student that isn't marked as absent will gain the XP and GP reward even if their name didn't show up during the battle.

I haven't done a team or student battle yet, so I can't give my experience on those.

Hi Phillip, in the past I have put them in absent and they were not awarded, but this time even those marked absent were rewarded in the boss battle. They were marked absent, not ask any questions, but still received the awards after.

Hi Dan!

That certainly sounds like an unintended behavior. Could you please email us the details to support@classcraft.com (I see you already mentioned the class and boss battle name and when this occurred which is really great information, could you also please provide us with the names of the students who was marked absent but received awards.

Together we'll get to the bottom of this :) 

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