Classroom Theme

I'm rethinking my classroom travel theme decor to be geared towards classcraft.  I looked through the story that's posted and got inspired to try to create the classcraft world into my classroom.  Here is what I'm thinking:

Tree of life- with spites (neon colored ball hanging around the tree)

Some kind of waterfall on the wall

Snow covered stone pillars with glyphs

I was thinking of trying to mirror an avatar like world with neon colors, bright feathers, terrariums, and gem stones of some kind.  Anyone have a classroom set-up like the world of classcraft?  Would love some suggestions

I've been wanting to do this too! I'd love a whole series of posters with Classcraft scenes, characters, pets and team symbols. I teach middle school and would like to have a team board for each of my classes with their preferred symbols and characters. Maybe even print out some top players to add to the boards. 

Your tree of life idea has me thinking that copper wire faerie lights wrapped in silk foliage hanging from a "tree" made of brown butcher paper or paper bags. KIds could hang kudos on the tree or something throughout the week. 

I forgot howI got these but here's a link to a folder with Classcraft images. These are from Classcraft , not anything that I've created. Hope this is helpful ! 

This is awesome!! Thank you so much! 

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