Story Mode!

Hello, Classcraft community!

We have some VERY exciting news to share with you today — coming hot off the presses at ISTE 2019 in Philadelphia. 

One of our biggest requests around Quests, our tool for personalized learning, has been prewritten stories that teachers can use with their lessons. We’ve seen a lot of epic stories from our community (check out our Quests of the Month!), but not everyone has the time or energy to craft their own narratives, and that’s OK.

It’s our pleasure to introduce Story Mode, an episodic adventure that helps you engage and motivate students by harnessing the power and cultural relevance of storytelling.

Classcraft: Season 1 is a series of stories set within the Classcraft world. They’re essentially ready-made narratives that you can plug-and-play with Quests. What’s more, they align with CASEL’s core competencies, which means they provide experiential SEL that’s easy to implement in the classroom.

Season 1 explores themes of self-discovery and the value of human relationships through a year-long story. Episodes 1 and 2 are available now, and during Back to School 2019, new episodes will be released monthly to continue the adventure.

Get started here:

We hope you enjoy Story Mode as much as we do! Let us know what you think in the comments!


Martina Braun

Customer Service Lead, Classcraft

Episode 2 is now available:

Be sure to check it out! :)

Commentaire officiel

The excitement is rising! I can’t wait to dive in this summer!

Although I am excited about the new stories. But I believe we are all waiting for automated boss battles😔

These stories are amazing! I'm wondering if there is a plan to roll them out in different languages (I teach a French Immersion class), before I undertake the translation battle myself ;-)

Looks interesting guys. Will have to roll it out into a demo class and see how it can be integrated into my classrooms.

So, is there going to be away for the kids to view the trailer BEFORE they start the story.  Ep. 1 mentions the towers BUT if there is no way to show the kids the movie trailer, or in actuality it is the story prologue, some of the story will be lost to them. Is there anyway to add it?


Hi Jeffrey, 

Great feedback! We're looking into possibly adding it to the Quest itself, in the meantime, you can access it with this link:

I am super excited about this feature. I am very comfortable with using ClassCraft in my classes. However, the story side of things is what was always lacking. I look forward to including more of these stories into my own quests. Thank you ClassCraft.


That's really exciting. I'm starting Classcraft with a new group this year so it'll be great to start them off with something so engaging and creative. We did this with my grade 7s last year and wrote our own storylines. It was great to have them involved in the process :) 

What about story videos? Theres only one I can find. More would be great. And more ways for them to play. Like gamify a version of family feud with students battling each other to get questions right and fast.

Those are some good ideas, I'll be sure to pass them on to our Storytelling team for consideration :)

Hello, I am very excited to hear about the new story that is being offered by Classcraft. For the past 5 years I have been using my own narrative (which coincidentally I have also been calling "Story Mode") that takes my students throughout the entire science year in conjunction with Classcraft. I am planning to incorporate the new provided narrative into my current one as back story or flashbacks to a previous time. In order to do this it would be very helpful to know what direction the story is going. Is there anyway for us to know the basic plot so we can plan for the story? Also will we be receiving the entire story throughout this school year? I don't want to start using it now if it will not be finished this year.

Hi Albert, 

We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise and reveal any hints regarding the story and where it is going. :)

We aim to release a new Episode each month throughout the school year. If all goes well, we will continue the stories next year with Season 2.

This is great. I started using Story mode this term and the students are really enjoying it. Keep them coming :)

Hi there. I’m in Australia so our school year starts in feb. will these episodes be available to us then?

Is the trailer every going to be done in a story mode for a quest?  I have been developing a story mode on my own and would like to take bits and pieces of what you done to add/expand my introduction to the game storyline.

This is my first year using Classcraft. In fact we are just setting up this week. I like the idea of a ready made story to get me started but I am having trouble coming up with ideas for the tasks. I am thinking of working them into either science or social studies (especially ss since we don't have much class time for ss). I teach 5th grade. How are other 5th grade teachers using classcraft to tie in the curriculum?

Approximately how many seasons, episodes, and quests will we expect? (I.e, so far we have up through S1:E2Q3) I'm trying to plan out the pacing of my assignments so they match with the objectives and story.

I am a high school ELA teacher and I am looking for ideas for tasks for story mode. Any ideas? 

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