[Solved] Using powers without necessity to gain XP


I'm new in classcraft and I'm loving to apply it in my class.

But, I suggest a new option in the game.

It's good to student gain XP using collaborative XP. But, if the student use the collaborative power without necessity this gain XP too. Example: If the student use HEAL in a player with full HP, this student gain XP. It's wrong. So, I suggest a option to avoid to use power when the consequency is null (unnecessary). Or a option to punish users that use power only to gain XP.

Actually, I disable the XP using collaborative powers.

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Hi Rafael!

Welcome to the Classcraft family!

The collaborative powers were created to encourage students to help each other! When a student uses a power to help their teammates, they’ll gain an XP bonus for the good deed. Students are not able to use collaborative powers if it is unnecessary. For example, they will not be able to use Heal if none of their teammates are missing HP, as you mentioned.

It is the same for the other collaborative powers like Protect or Mana Transfer!

Have an awesome day! :)


Then, there are a bug in the game. My students discovery this possibility and gain a lot of XP without necessity, only using powers without help anybody.

I will try to reproduce this problem again.

I have created a ticket for you about this situation!

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