Want to help translate to Vietnamese

Hi Classcraft Team,

I'm a Vietnamese teacher who happened to use and fall in love with Classcraft for last semester. I and my organization (Teach For Vietnam) are about to use and introduce Classcraft for more local teachers in other provinces in our Bus For Change summer program. Hence, I see that not so many teachers can use English fluently. Also, last time when meeting with Classcraft representative, I heard that there are already thousands Vietnamese teachers using Classcraft as well (mostly teach English ), In the future, I hope more teachers will be able to use Classcraft. In short term, I would like to know how to help translating some of the most basic function of Classcraft to Vietnamese so that more teachers can join in.

Even the greatest games that attract millions of players still have lots of languages. Therefore, why can't the Education app?

Hi Phuc,

Thank you very much for your interest in helping us translate Classcraft to Vietnamese!

I've transferred your offer to our head translator and we will be in touch if we can use your services as a translator :)

Thank you for your early respond. I know the team usually will receive all ideas and suggestions but have just enough resource to do some. In that case, I would be more grateful if I know about the condition, circumstance for a language to become official on your platform.
Because I have been using lots of software before classcraft, then using,  introducing classcraft, seeing drawbacks of classcraft, I'm quite willing to pay to use classcraft for the next school year. I have a sense of its succesful when the language barrier is broken.

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