[Solved] Google Quizzes not updating progress?


I have assignments that are graded in Google Classroom, but even if the grade is above the target (i.e. the student gets 100% on an assignment) I still have to manually progress them through the quest.

Is this an intended feature or is it not working correctly? My thought was that if a student takes the quiz in the linked Classroom assignment and has a 100% in classroom, then of course it would fulfill the objective? But maybe I'm wrong...

@Peter - I had a similar issue a while back and I think the solution is to make it so the quest task is set to "self-paced progress." This will move them on when the assignment is marked as done in Google Classroom.

The major downside is that students can mark an assignment as done and it will move them on prior to it being graded, so even when they haven't earned a satisfactory/passing grade on the assignment in google classroom they will still progress through the quest. The saving grace for the teacher is you can go back and override their completion by marking the task as failed.


Hi all!

Thanks, Sam, that is a great workaround for this!

At this time, quest progression must be done in Classcraft, even if the student receives a satisfactory grade on an assignment or quiz in Google Classroom.   

The reason behind this is because of what information that Google Classroom allows Classcraft to get from Google Classroom.

Google Classroom and Classcraft work together using something that is called an API.

An API essentially is the language that the two programs use to communicate with each other. 

Since Google provides Classcraft with the API so that we can integrate our services into theirs and vice versa, they dictate some of the features that we can have.

Unfortunately, their API does not allow us to provide the feature required in this matter.

We are working on making that feature a reality and I have added your feedback to our feature request platform.

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