[Solved] Early turn-in of assignment: No check mark!

My students are working on their first quest, and I have everything linked to Google Classroom. My first assignment was for them to write a paragraph in GC and to submit on GC. It was due at 3 PM yesterday for early turn-in (and hence extra points). Today, when I checked, a number of them turned it in prior to 3 PM, but there's no check mark in Classcraft indicating that. Can anyone help? 

Alice - A few weeks ago when I reached out to Classcraft about a similar issue, they said that Google changed it's settings for how Classroom interacts with outside software which was causing some integration issues. It's frustrating, but it's not just you... don't worry. I hope they find a fix soon!

Thanks, Sam. I thought I was doing something wrong since I am such a newbie!

Hey Everyone,

A few changes have happened on Google's side that compelled us to make a few alterations on our end as well.

Our engineers have been working on fixing the faulty interactions in the past few days and we should have everything released and live on Monday, May 6, 2019!

Do not hesitate to reach out directly to our customer support at support@classcraft.com if you experience similar situations in the future :)

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