Is it worth it

I work at a high school that is already pretty well connected and the students come in having to memorize so many different user names and passwords already, is it worth it for me to force them to have another one? I love the idea of group work, collaboration, quests, etc, but I’m wondering if you guys have seen a change in participation / student investment / learning that makes it worth it for me and the students to use yet another platform.


If they have a Google account, there is no need for them to memorize another set of log-ins. My kids all use their Google sign-ins, which is their school email/etc.

Thank you. Yes they do have google logins but it only functions with the drive and classroom and isn’t an email, does that pose any problems?

Hi Casey,

I've noticed a major major change in collaboration once they get the hang of how to help each other through the game itself, and how their behavior and/or effort can harm or help their teammates and/or class even if they are working with students in various groups. It's really quite amazing to see. 

I actually have students asking me for quests to do at home (meaning homework!) - never happened to me before in 15+ years of teaching.

Also, they don't need gmail to create an account and use Classcraft. The google account works perfectly; no new username or passwords to remember.

Hope this helps :)

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