New Quest Features

First of all, I am LOVING the new "Self-Paced Progress" on the Quest Introduction and the Quest End. This allows me to even have "hidden" quests where I can reward points to students without them having to see the quest at all. Plus, I can now get ALL of my students to start a quest without having to check the list that have started with my rolls. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

One small item, though. When I go into the quest to check student completion there used to be a flag that indicated all of the students in the objective have completed that objective. I know I saw a post someplace from someone asking that those indicators be on the map. I can see that there are now circles with stars on the objectives that all students have completed. However, this is only on the map. I personally usually "live" in the objective list and now I only see the teardrop icon for each objective. Would it be possible to add the circle with the star to both the map and the list of objectives?

As always, thank you for such a great product as ClassCraft is. Your developers are awesome people and as a developer myself, I know that they are putting in a ton of work to make ClassCraft the awesome product that it is.

Great suggestion, Phillip!

I've sent this feature request to our developers and we will see what can be done to give even more pertinent information on the objective list.


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