How long does it take you to manage your classes?

I'm about to start using this with my small EAP class of 8 students. This is in preparation for a bigger launch next year with my classes of up to 24 students. I'm wondering if it's sustainable though. So - recognising that everyone will have differences - could you please share how long it takes you to manage Classcraft? I know it's like asking how long a piece of string is but if you could share the number of students per class and how much time you spend on this outside of the actual lesson, that would be really helpful. I'm guessing time will be spent on things like entering points for assignments, deducting points for sentences, posting tasks etc. 

Also, are there apps that connect to Classcraft and will do this automatically? [Total noob question, I'm sure!]

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.

Hi!  It feels like you're thinking of Classcraft as a separate thing you're doing in your class, I did too at first.  After several years of using classcraft, I've come to realize that it's more of HOW I run my class.  

Here's my basic life-cycle.

Set-up: I am a 1to1 computer class and I use google classroom for assignments, so I import my class from GCL to fill my Classcraft roster and assign them to initial teams. Once this is done I have students log in with their school google account and create their character, this process usually only takes part of one class period.

I'm using classcraft in 5 classes of 25-30. I have them divided into 7 four person teams.

Daily flow: After the bell rings I do the daily event with the class, this usually takes between 30 seconds and 2 mins.  I then ask if anyone wants to use a personal power (teleport, hunting, etc).  I do this at the beginning to avoid being interrupted during the lesson later as these powers need my permission to be used. The whole of the beginning class takes 2-5 mins.  (Depending on the length of the Daily Event) 

If it is a teacher instruction day, I will continue with my lesson, using the Wheel of Destiny to select students and groups to respond to questions or share out. Students are awarded points for responding, (points of attempt and more points for correct answers or something that adds significantly to the discussion.)  I don't really see this as taking additional time as it's just how I run discussions in class. 

Much of our daily work is done through the quest system, so the students are working in their groups at their own pace (with guidance from me) and gain xp and gold for completing assignments.

Taking HP usually occurs by me giving a verbal warning, if the behavior continues they will lose HP, if the behavior continues after that they will be sent to refocus (Time to Teach school discipline system).  I actually try to limit the life points I take as it really does put the kids on edge when the hear that sound and if you overuse it I find it loses its impact and can demoralize a class. 

As I monitor the class while working I look for positive behaviors I can reinforce with points.

All in all, Classcraft isn't yet another thing that takes up valuable class time, but part of the culture and flow of the class that has led to greater student engagement and sense of fun in the class.  

There is a Classcraft app for iOS and Android, but I don't use it much personally as I find it a little too clunky to navigate in class compared to the desktop version.

Hope this helps! 

Thank you Scott!! We love hearing how you have integrated Classcraft into your daily Classroom experience and how it has made a difference for you and your classes, really awesome feedback! <3

Thanks Scott. It's good to hear your take on how you integrate it. I'm wondering about awarding points - does that mean you are in front of your laptop through the class, entering points as you go? I am slightly concerned about how that interrupts the flow and prevents me from being 'out there' beside students rather than behind my screen. Thanks again for your response - very helpful.

Hey Abina, I don't tend to give points out continuously through the class.  There are basically two natural points in which I give out points, at the beginning of class (being in seat ready to go, no talking, etc)  or during whole class discussions.  If I'm presenting or walking around the class giving guidance then I don't give points in real time as it would be disruptive. If something really point-worthy happens then I make a note of it (mentally or physically if I happen to have a way to do it on hand) and give points later when I'm back near my computer.  

I'm not really sure there's a right or wrong way to go about giving points, you'll have to feel it out with your class, try different things and see what works best.  As long as you're consistent with how you do it and what things you give points for I've found students to be very accommodating. Whatever you do it should be an enhancement to your class, not a distraction. 

Thanks. Very helpful. We'll be continuing our launch tomorrow so I'm excited to see how it goes. So far the students have been mega-engaged. Last night, I had one email me for the access code again because she wanted to create her avatar. I'm hoping we can maintain their enthusiasm.

I have a class of 30 that I keep all day long (4th grade).  We do our entry task, math and then right before they go to specials (PE, choir, etc) I let them use their computers to do anything CC related.  During this time I do 2 random events with them.  I had to limit myself to 2 because I really enjoy them and so do they.  After doing them for 15 minutes several days in a row I decided I needed to limit myself.  

This is also their time to block/heal/mana shield any damage they receive throughout the previous day.  Then at the end of the random events I apply all the damage.   For the rest of the day they don't really use their laptops for CC but I do give and take rewards on my computer as needed.  For example, when they line up I will count down from 5 and if I hit zero I will start again.  Every time I hit zero it's 10 hit points.  I rarely hit zero and never get to zero twice.

I have a stand alone computer that they use for powers when they want to use them as well as a paper tracker (finding powers in the newsfeed can be tedious).  As mentioned by Scott, I don't allow them to use powers during my instruction as that it's disruptive.  Before and after only.

They mostly manage themselves on the powers, especially since they know that if I catch them using a power incorrectly it's straight to the Book of Laments.  I do take and give rewards throughout the day, but never apply damage until that 10 minutes in the morning the next day when they have their computers and have a chance to do something about it.  

Level is also very important in my class as that getting special chairs, books and rewards depends on who is the highest level.  This motivates them to get more points to level up.

I do allow them to do a Boss Battle every second Wed, which they love.  I use the timer for my centers, the noise meter for tests (since I started using it you could hear a pin drop), randomizer for selection, and the Forest Run for clean up to try and beat previous times.  I also do a lot of CC stuff beyond the actual game, which is a much longer post found in the Advanced Features forum.

I also allow them "council meetings" once a trimester to discuss their powers and decide to keep or change them.  This takes about 20 minutes for them to come up with whatever powers they are interested in.  This gives them a lot more buy in for the powers since they came up with them. 

And finally I run a prestige system that allows them to reset their character as a different class after they have trained all their pets. They get a crown next to their name every time they prestige (which takes most of the year to do it once) and gives them a chance to try some of the other classes as well as being able to equip pets from multiple classes.

Hope that helps!

OMG! You guys are so on it! I look forward to this level of competence at some time in the future :D

Thanks so much for sharing your approaches.

I just started using CC (6th grade) and found this feed super helpful. When you are giving/taking away points during whole class instruction, do you have your screen projected on the board so that the students see it happening? I find I want to use it when students are talking during whole class discussions and not paying attention, but I need them to see they lost points to have an impact on their behavior.

Also, when someone gives a good answer, it is still a two-three click process to award them points. How do you do that without interrupting your conversation. Thanks for your help!

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