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Anyone using this in a Math classroom

A resource I really like to use for Classcraft in my middle school math classroom is the old "Math with pizzazz" or "punchline" worksheets. If you are unfamiliar with them, they start with a riddle. The multiple choice answers all correlate with a specific letter and when you've solved all the problems the letters spell out the answer to the riddle. I've used these within a questline and then had the student submit the answer or "punchline" as proof of completing the assignment. If you have the time to build your own documents using this structure you can work the riddle into the storyline of your quest and it looks much more seamless! I can try to fish up some examples if you'd like. Just let me know!

Hi Tresa! 

I teach 6th grade Social Studies, but one of the math teachers I work with uses Classcraft frequently. What specific to math are you wondering about? If you are looking for lesson ideas, the quest marketplace is a great place to start, and can give you some ideas academically how math teachers are using it. You can use this link to look at what math related quests are out there. 



Heya Tresa,

I've been using Classcraft in my math classroom for 4 years now and have helped other teachers onboard it. I would be happy to help answer any questions or help you customize it to meet your needs.


What level of Math do you teach?  

9th-12th, so from Algebra 1 to Calculus

That pretty much fits with what I teach.  Do you have anything on Optimization for Calculus or Cirles for Geometry I can look at.

I haven't shifted my storytelling aspect with quests beyond my Algebra 1 quests because of the large amount of time it takes to do them (and the feature being relatively new). For resources, I recommend Illustrative Math website, Khan Academy, and Eureka Math - it's our primary resource. Setting up Classcraft is relatively simple then. Use it as a way to check who has assignments complete at the beginning of class, focus on the positive. Make sure the Laments align with school principles. Craft powers to match your classroom. For mine, it can enable them to use the review, notes, or have a quick collaboration in the hall.

I remember doing those when I was in school! That sounds pretty awesome. I'd love to see a picture of the quest.

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