May Cancel My Subscription - No Student Store Still

Hey everyone. I really like Classcraft. As a matter of fact I've been using it for the past four years but I'm thinking of canceling due to a lack of content and frankly suggestions falling on deaf ears. I've been asking (and watching other teachers suggest) for a class/student store so my kids can spend gold. All that we get back from CC devs is "we've been thinking of implementing that in the future", and "some teachers have made their own stores, look to them for inspiration and make your own." I pay for CC to not have to do extra work but to have an added gamified element to the class. When I find I'm actually being pulled away from instruction to adjust gold or let students buy stuff, it's counter productive. We were actually told a store was being created about a year and a half ago but that just fizzled away. Why? We were given no explanation.The only substantial update added since I subscribed four years ago was the addition of quests. 3D Gamelabs did this same thing. Once they get enough subscriptions they stop development because they have your vested interest. I dropped them too. I hope we can get a store for next year or I'm out. 

I get your frustration. Classcraft very much becomes something that teachers customize to make it run their way and having been an avid user for years now, I've personally recommended many ideas. I've also watched hundreds of features get requested by others and seen the response you describe. Even having seen the "it's on our list of things we're working on" type of response, I can only imagine how long that list actually becomes. Where on the list is my recommendation? It's a priority to me, but maybe not for everyone else. Frustrating for sure.

They do periodically roll out new features and it has been a while, but they have been making some small significant improvements that have helped me. Making a link between quests across classes was something I felt needed to exist from the get go and saw numerous complaints and they eventually got to it. The marketplace for sharing quests and bosses are also them responding to requests and building the community. I sincerely hope the next thing coming down the chute are individual, student-paced boss battles (aka self-grading quizzes) and it's been on the list since bosses were introduced 4-5 years ago.

I just look at the value in what I get with the premium service and I debate if I can get by with the free service all the time. At the end of the day, I make my own modifications and tweaks to run things how I need them to work. If they eventually make an update that has the feature I requested, I only hope that it functions similar to what I use.

I know you said you don't want to add handling a store to your classroom responsibilities, but I'll share how I go about it with minimal time requirement. I do something similar to @Nicholas where I let students give me 250 GP in exchange for a power-up card. Using a website I found a few years back, I created a series of cards that made pop culture references and did different things (i.e.: Fairy in a Jar - Restores all HP; Three red shells - Eliminate an option from a multiple choice quiz or boss battle up to three times; etc).

When a student wants to purchase a card, they let me know and I deduct the GP and let them pick a card at random. Then they just play the card when it is appropriate to do so, meaning they have to hold onto it for a while (or I switched to just putting it in a class folder with a post-it labeling who it belongs to).

Anyway, I know your frustration and I came in to defend classcraft, but I just felt the need to say that you probably aren't being ignored. You're just one of several dozen great ideas that they're trying to figure out how to implement.

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to pop in this thread to let you know that we do look at all the features you would like to see implemented in Classcraft.

Taking into consideration the relatively small development team we have in our offices, we have to make choices on what we can work on. Everytime you write on our forums or contact us at with a suggestion, we add votes to this specific suggestion on our feature request platform.

The engagement team (Customer support) tries to sort the suggestions as best as they can so that we can aggregate them and present them as efficiently as possible to our decision makers, who go through the suggestions that have the most votes every few weeks and discuss the feasibility of adding these features to Classcraft. 

While a feature may seem like a game changer for your classroom, if this feature only has a few votes in our platform, another feature with more votes may take precedence over it.

Allegedly, this system is not perfect but it does allow us to have an idea of what our teachers would like to see added to Classcraft. 

Specifically for the student store, many teachers have been creating their external store with some incredible ideas (Cards, gifts, etc.). Since I can see that this subject is something that has gathered a lot of interest, I will definitely add more votes to the student store feature request!

Keep the suggestions coming, we love your input!


I use the GP as currency all the time. Usually I make it so they have to buy changes to their character set-up that they didn't do initially (change their name to a nickname, switch teams, refund a power, etc.). I had made them all presets too before the game switched their button configuration, but I'm pretty sure you can still make a negative GP preset if you put a - in front of the number value.

Sorry to hear that. I used to use the posts when that was an option. Now, I set up a specific quest for a "potion vendor" where kids have to post in the discussion what they want to buy. There, I can then go through and add HP or AP and subtract the GP they are buying. -- here's a link to that quest as I've created it. 

Is it perfect? No. But it works and my kids beg for the potion vendor to open up. Hope this helps some.

Are you able to take gold pieces away for a class store?

Are you able to use the gp as classroom currency?

Thank you for your answer, Sam!

Alec, Sam is correct! You can remove GP by clicking on the "..." button > Modify Points Manually. From this page, you are able to remove GP by adding a minus sign in front of the number value!

How do I talk to an agent to discuss a refund

Hi Cowan, you can email for any question you may have about Classcraft. They will also be able to help your questions about refunds.

Have a good day!

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