[Solved] Ugrading issue

After I upgraded the account to premium, one of my class' mages can't reach their skill tree. All of their current skills disappeared, and if they want to buy a new skill, they only get a blank screen.

The situation is the same if I try to add a skill to them, I also get a blank screen instead of their skill tree.

This issue is occuring in only one of my class, and it affects only the mages.

Any idea?

I think that this is an issue right now that they are trying to resolve. Same thing has happened to all my classes.

This is an issue in my classes as well. Thank you for the information.


Our developers were able to identify and correct the faulty interaction that was preventing powers from displaying appropriately this morning.

You can now refresh the Classcraft page or completely close the mobile application and open it again in order to have the powers display correctly.

We apologize for the headaches this may have caused you.


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