[Solved] Unsubmitting Assignments

Hello Fellow Classcraft Teachers!

As students complete quests if I need to have someone fix an assignment I unsubmit so they can fix it and resubmit the Google Doc (I'm doing this with a Task Quest and not a Google Classroom Quest). 

Every time I unsubmit, even if the Quest due date is far in the future, the student gets a message saying it's too late to turn in the assignment. The message is the same whether I check mark the assignment or X it.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Alfonso, 

You are on the right track, there is just one small step that is missing since this is a self-paced assignment. You will need to de-select the green checkmark so that is grey again as well as click on the unsubmit. 

So for this one, for example, you would click unsubmit and click on the green checkmark circle at the bottom:

So it looks like this:

Could you try this and let me know if that worked for you, if not we will turn this into an email ticket so we can investigate this further together. 

Looking forward to your reply. :)


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Hi Martina,

That's what I was missing! I kept going between the Check and the X and never thought to de-select them BOTH! :)

Thanks for the help!

Anytime! We're always happy to help! :)

Stay an awesome teacher Alfonso!

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