[Solved] Classcraft in China


I would like to use classcraft for my classes in the upcoming semester. Thouugh, I'm worried about things not working correctly being in China. So far, I am able to access CC through my pc and an android device, though that was not without first having to use a vpn to sign-up. On ios, CC doesn't work at all, I can't do anything with the app as it comes up saying not connected to the server and doesn't change. 

CC works on the internet browers of the ios, just not the app version (without vpn)

As far as file storing, I have read something about this, I'm not too certain, I know I can't use Google Docs or anything google related. I used Schoology a couple of years ago and it was fine I plan to use it again this year. I would like to know what works, and doesn't work with CC in China.

Are you still using it?  I'm also on the mainland and I am just setting it up but I've got to manually register everyone, and I'm afraid they can't change their passwords, language and usernames without the vpn working.  Seems like that is all tied to google somehow.  Otherwise it seems to be okay.

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