Quest ideas

So, I've started using quests and my students absolutely love it!  Student engagement is up and I've even noticed an increase in the quality of the work.  It has been better than I could have expected!

The integration with google classroom is very helpful, as our school uses GC for most of our work.  However, as I've been using it there are a few options I find myself continually wishing we had. 



Thanks for the great product! Looking forward to what your team comes up with next.

There are some really good suggestions in there, Scott, thank you for helping us improve Classcraft!

I transferred this post to our developers so that they can review your suggestions :)

We are very happy to read that student engagement and even the quality of their work has been improved by the use of Classcraft.


I love this idea of sorting students into teams when we look at their progress through quests!  If that was an option "students/teams," we could allow teams to make progress through quests when they complete a team challenge or assignment.    

Thanks David, I've added this to our feature request platform as well!

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