New feature announcement! Co-Teacher for School licenses

Introducing Co-Teachers!

Co-Teachers is a new account permission for teachers using Classcraft through a school or district license. This has been a long-requested feature from our community, and we’re super excited to introduce it to you!


How does Co-Teachers work?

Co-Teachers enables you to select a teacher from your school’s roster to help you manage your class. This teacher effectively becomes a “co-teacher,” giving them limited access for a period of time. Co-teachers can primarily give or remove game points, use the Class Tools, and accept or reject student quest progress.

Co-teachers don’t have access to other things, such as adding or removing students, creating or deleting boss battles or quests, or changing game settings. (We’ll provide a detailed list in our Knowledge Center.)

This new feature is super useful if you want to give temporary access to a substitute teacher or teacher’s aid, or simply if you run a class with the help of a colleague. You can add or remove a co-teacher at any time, and there’s no limit to how many you can have for a single class. Additionally, you can even set a duration for how long someone has co-teacher permissions. This duration can be changed whenever you like.


What other changes can you expect?

You’ll find Co-Teachers in your class settings. Using it doesn’t affect Multi-Class in any way. Actions in the game feed will now be identified by the teacher or co-teacher’s name.

At launch, Co-Teachers will only be available on our browser version. The feature will be released on the Classcraft iOS and Android mobile apps at a later date.


Questions or feedback?

We love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us at We’ll be updating our Knowledge Center shortly to help you use this new feature.

As always, thank you for being a part of our wonderful Classcraft community!