[Solved] deleteing quests

Hey. Is anyone else having some issues with the net system?


I am unable to delete quests or add new classes to my existing quests? 


Also many files are not loading when the young people click on them to try and complete work?

Hi Richard,

Both the Boss Battle and Quest sharing, as well as deleting, have been moved to our new My Library feature, locate the item you are looking for and then on the right, a menu will appear with the following options:

We are still working on updating all of our existing articles, for now here is a quick overview article: https://help.classcraft.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015648494-My-Library-Overview

If you are experiencing issues with the 'assign' and 'delete' buttons misbehaving or anything that we could help with, please write to support@classcraft.com and our support team will investigate further :) 

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